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PiercingMetal Attends Peter Beste’s “True Norwegian Black Metal” Book Event

Artist: Peter Beste
Location: Steven Kasher Gallery (New York, NY)
Event: “True Norwegian Black Metal” Book Debut & Gallery Exhibit
Date: 5/9/2008
Publisher: Vice Books

peter beste photographs, true norwegian black metal photo exhibit

Acclaimed documentary photographer Peter Beste has reason to celebrate for not only has he captured the images of some of Black Metal’s most imposing players, but he is also getting ready to unleash a book that compiles his best work on this subject for all the fans to enjoy. Titled “True Norwegian Black Metal”, the book is loaded with photographs and images that will take you on a journey into the darkest recesses of the Black Metal genre with Peter and the often notorious members of these bands at your side. To say that this tome is massive would be an understatement as this is a HUGE coffee table sized book which is about sixteen or so inches long and almost two inches thick. Some of the bands that we find featured in its pages are Carpathian Forest, Darthrone, Mayhem, Enslaved and perhaps the most threatening of them all – Gorgoroth. Tonight, at the Steven Kasher Gallery in NYC, Beste would be presenting the book as well as some thirty or so photographs that were available for purchase if you had the desire to take a piece of the book home with you. It was an incredibly cool and windy night, with an almost torrential rain coming down that offered only the gallery as safe haven to those Metal travelers who made their way down to the opening tonight. Of course, I am not sure just how safe any haven is when you have the cold visage of Gorgoroth’s Gaahl and King staring right at you. The band members were here in photograph only and I think that this was a good thing since there is probably just a little more intensity to them in real life that we are best left to only imagine via the help of the photos in the book. We find the bands not only in their natural environments on the stage but also during photo shoots in their towns or among nature. There are even some images from the town where the singer Gaahl has lived all of his life that were shot during a film I will speak on a little later. Think of the most remote place you can and these spots will outdo it immediately. It’s really incredible to also see shots from the infamous Gorgoroth show in Krakow, Poland very prominently displayed. The show became an international incident, but will finally see the light of day care of Metal Mind Productions and MVD Entertainment.
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PiercingMetal Attends The Ron English Art Opening in NYC

Logo - Ron English

Yes its true, I don’t only do things that are associated with the Heavy Metal music scene and sometimes I like to venture out to other events and affairs that I am asked to join in on. I felt that when something is on the interesting side that I would line it out in the Musings Blog for you all to enjoy and well if I am wrong here just hang around idle until I muse about something a little more Metal. One such adventure was my invitation to the Ron English art exhibit which was held at The Opera Gallery in Soho, NYC. Ron’s publicist is someone I deal with very often in the way of reviews for her client rosters CD’s and DVD’s so when I get a personal invite to something a little off my beaten path I like to see what the skinny is going to be. So after a nice Vietnamese dinner at my favorite place for the stuff down in China Town my friend and I headed over to Soho to find the Opera Gallery. For those curious diners reading the blog, I went to Nha Trang and you can read more about adventures there in my blog called My Dinner (or Lunch) With Sonata Arctica. It’s a restaurant that I highly recommend and so far everyone who has joined me there has agreed that its awesome.
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