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Roger Waters @ Yankee Stadium (7/6/2012)

Artist: Roger Waters
Venue: Yankee Stadium (The Bronx, NY)
Opener: n/a
Date: 7/6/2012

I’ve been listening to the music of Pink Floyd for as long as I can remember and as result of this, their epic concept album “The Wall” has remained one of my personal favorites for many, many years. Historically speaking when “The Wall” was first toured for by Floyd, there were not a lot of shows done based on the incredibly daunting production that it was. It was 1980 when it initially came to the United States and I remember that even my Mother wanted to check this one out and bring me along. At the time I was still relatively new to live concerts but sadly we never ended up getting tickets so the show would not be something I could reflect upon at this point in time. I’ve surely made up for lost time as a music scribe and that made being on point to see Waters deliver his magnum opus with his solo band at the no longer new Yankee Stadium something that I was very much looking forward to. The musician made sure to get two shows arranged for the region and that was a very good thing to find happening. I attended the Friday evening performance which went something like this.

The Wall was set up already of course and the arriving fans were treated to the enormous visual that spanned from one side of the stadiums back field to the other. Some of the bricks had even reached into the stands and that was just an amazing visual which really tended to lose a little something if you were standing too close. There were numerous platforms and once the house lights went out and the first chords of “In The Flesh” began it was not unlike a fast paced thrill ride for the senses. Two military personnel had first done some miming with a large puppet that I assume was “Pink” like in the concepts story and when his defiant fist found him crumpled on the ground near the attending media it was on. Roger appeared to thunderous applause and donned a uniform of his own as he took us through the introductory piece. Platforms elevated banner holding soldiers and The Wall transformed into a giant multi-media video screen at the same time. Unbelievable and a presentation that found my jaw dropped and heart beating faster than was healthy. It had begun.

When “The Thin Ice” began we saw The Wall broadcasting numerous images of fallen soldiers and the larger screen behind him even showed you his father who was killed back in WWII. Waters lined this story out in “When The Tigers Broke Free” and this found me wondering if he would actually add this song to the show itself for the tour. He would not of course and I found that a shame because it might have added to the overall impact of the larger than life ideas being put out there. I want to stress how Waters employed the use of images and narrative that were submitted by the fans in terms of war losses and those who were killed based on the cruelty of war itself. As someone who also had a relative killed in WWII so many years ago I felt that a profoundly moving idea to execute. Good job Mr. Waters. The visual And aural stimulation continued when a large puppet of the teacher made its appearance along with a few dozen school children as “Another Brick In The Wall Part 2” started to play. I had heard reports that Waters selected the children at random before the show and let me tell you that not one of them seemed a bit nervous as they danced to the music and sang along in front of over 35,000 people.

Before he began “Mother”, Mr. Waters lined out how he was going to play the song today with a younger version of himself that was recorded back in 1980. The Wall and some other background screens showed the younger Roger while the Waters of today was right in front of us in 3D. I found it so interesting to see this being done and know that it had to take a lot of clever timing to not mess it up. As he sang a large and foreboding Mother figure looked down on us with a disapproving scowl. Powerful imagery to the song for sure. When he said the line about “Mother Should I Trust The Government”, a large “NO!” shined brightly and let us all know how distrusting of our political figures Waters is. Who can blame him these days. Now while I can speak about every single song being delivered this evening I will choose not to because “The Wall” is one of those albums that no matter how many times I play it, will always let it run from the beginning to the end. The sound of the show was impeccable and that was thanks to the manner in which it had been set up. There appeared to be speakers everywhere around you and that meant you were not just having the tunes blasted out to you in the front but they looped around behind and aside you making this a full sensory experience. I had to give them credit for pulling this off in an outdoor uncovered stadium. I saw Pink Floyd when they performed at the old Yankee Stadium and while I loved the show I did not love the often muddle sound that was reaching me way up in the rafters. I was positive that everyone heard every single melody without flaw tonight. Kudos to the technical team for that.

After the first “side” of the album was played I felt myself zoning out into the music all the more. It was just too deep and too emotional a presentation. The singer first delivered this release to us as a man tired of the society around him and his feeling of being isolated but now it was coming back as something different. We are all blocked by The Wall in some sense in our lives. This idea was being presented in spades as the “space” we saw the performers on was slowly being taken away by new bricks being added and after the powerful “One Of My Turns” to the sorrowful “Don’t Leave Me Now” we soon found Roger singing “Goodbye Cruel World” as the final brick was set into place and the audience saw nothing but white. You could have heard a pin drop for that single second before the applause led us into the intermission. I watched many fans remain in their places but others wandered stunned around the stadium lobby to get another drink or some food before the second act would begin.

“Hey You” would bring us all back into the action and as I just mentioned the stadium now had a full sized Wall in front of the audience which meant more screen visuals and projections along with clever puppets and balloons. I was not complaining because I was now at a faraway enough vantage point to observe the proceedings from afar. I had a decent seat for the show but after a quick “need some space” break, I remained just out of the circle of space I had been in which while farther away let me fully absorb the incredible nature of the presentation. This was massive and at times Roger or his band would be almost invisible. I had wondered how the fans way up in the top tiers were doing but I guess they were fine just the same. The second part of “The Wall” has a number of the classic rock radio hits so they kept things moving swiftly along. “Nobody Home” brought some folks to subtle sobs while “Bring The Boys Back Home” found everyone singing along at the top of their lungs especially if they had loved ones in active combat at the time. “Comfortably Numb” saw the puppet from the beginning of the show returning and sitting atop The Wall some thirty or forty feet above the crowd while Harry Waters sang the lead vocals for it down below. We also saw the image of guitarist G.E. Smith playing the leads from up there when it was time to do that. Visually this was a lot to take in.

The final album side to me always felt like a motion picture when I used to listen to it even before it became a film and seeing it delivered on the stage was finding me thinking this would even work well as a large-scale Las Vegas event. “The Show Must Go On” has always felt like the beginning of the wrapping it all up for the listener as it brings you into “In The Flesh” part two and we learn how our principle character is out of commission for the duration. “Run Like Hell” is one of the best live songs that the Pink Floyd group had in their repertoire and of course Team Waters were exceptional at presenting it themselves. One fan mused aloud why there were three guitarists with Roger while originally he only needed one in David Gilmore but I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders in reply as I sipped a cold beer on this hot summer night. Atmospherically speaking this was a perfect night for a show. There was enough of a breeze hitting us to not make it uncomfortable which was a very good thing since we had some scorchers already and this was only the beginning of July. The closing pieces of “The Wall” feature the dramatic trial which we found presented in animation on The Wall and while this all led to some animated wall destruction the space that had been built up was knocked back down and we saw more of the musicians once again.

Roger would play the trumpet during “Outside The Wall” and then join all of his musical mates at the center stage for bows. The show was now over but was something that I do not think that anyone present will soon forget.

The second show would happen the next day and while my Smartphone told me then forecast was rain, I was hoping that whatever powers may be above us were music fans and kept this at bay so as not to ruin it for the next group of fans. To say that this show blew me away is an understatement. This was by far one of the best presentations that I had seen in years and one that I really want to see find its way to DVD soon. Yes it will be different based on the overall size of the event but to own this in the Blu-ray format and watch at home on a big television will be awesome. Thank you very much Roger Waters for bringing this show to NYC and pulling out all the stops in order to do it best.

THE BAND: Roger Waters – Bass, Guitar, Lead Vocals; Drums – Graham Broad; Guitars – Dave Kilminster, G.E. Smith, Snowy White; Keyboards – Jon Carin, Harry Waters; Lead Vocals – Robbie Wyckoff; Backing Vocals – Jon Joyce, Mark Lennon, Michael Lennon, Kipp Lennon

Set List:
1. Intro
2. In The Flesh
3. The Thin Ice
4. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 1
5. The Happiest Days of Our Lives
6. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2
7. Mother
8. Goodbye Blue Sky
9. Empty Spaces
10. Young Lust
11. One of My Turns
12. Don’t Leave Me Now
13. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 3
14. Goodbye Cruel World
15. Hey You
16. Is There Anybody Out There?
17. Nobody Home
18. Vera
19. Bring the Boys Back Home
20. Comfortably Numb
21. The Show Must Go On
22. In the Flesh
23. Run Like Hell
24. Waiting for the Worms
25. Stop
26. The Trial
27. Outside the Wall

The concert would be held at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx and the last time that we had attended a show in this place was almost a year ago when The Big Four happened. If you don’t know what I am talking about just click HERE to get a refresher. That was surely a day to remember.  I’ll take you along some of the steps as we get to the task at hand.  Are you with me?  Good, let’s continue.

The Roger Waters Fans Assemble

Here is the entrance to the Press Gate.  Yes, we media types have our own special door at the stadium.  It’s cool so I had to share it with you.

The Press Gate

After check in, I ran upstairs for a moment but did manage to snap a photo of the scene down below.  What an amazing sight this was.  I admit that I stood rooted to the floor but I could not remain there and had to get a move on.

A View From The Press Box

Now it was back to the work at hand and all the photographer were led through a series of tunnels that made me feel I was on a guided tour.  Maybe I will try to do one of those and add it to the PiercingKen.com side blog.  Who knows because the Metal and Hard Rock reporting sure does keep me busy.

The merchandise for the event was rather nice as well. They had a little of everything from shirts to hoodies to coffee mugs, key chains, posters and a tour program. I usually like the programs but this one didn’t catch my attention. I thought it was a number of loose pages but could not examine one myself based on the seller in the booth being swamped by the fans. Here are a few photos of that stuff for your viewing pleasure.

The T-Shirts

There are very few shows that I hope come out on DVD and this is one of them. I am already setting money aside in the hope that this happens sooner rather than later. Perhaps Roger will decide that he can do this turnaround as fast as Iron Maiden and Rush seem to. Let’s cross our fingers. He performs again tomorrow night but we shall not be there, its time for another person to be in that space and believe me it is a hell of a space to be. Long Live Roger Waters, Long Live “The Wall”…..

Official Website: http://www.roger-waters.com

Lez Zeppelin in Concert (6/28/2012)

The summer heat was blazing down upon New York City and that meant it was best to get inside a venue and enjoy a smoldering Rock show with the comforts of an air-conditioner blowing around you. That made it the perfect reason to go check out the ladies of Lez Zeppelin who were doing a gig over at Abrons Art Center this evening, and since I had never seen anything at the space before I knew this was going to be a special night. Check out some side images and video from the night by scrolling down this post.

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Acey Slade & The Dark Party in Concert (6/15/2012)

I’ve been a fan of the creative force of music known as Acey Slade for a few years now and since I first started using the website to report on his adventures have watched him perform with Wednesday 13, heard him rock the socks with Trashlight Vision and now continue to surprise his fans with The Dark Party. Sadly its been awhile since I had been been able to catch him perform which made this evenings performance at The Studio in Webster Hall something that I just did not want to miss out on. The show would be a dose of Rock and Roll interesting from local opener to headliner as the young Rockers Stiletto would start it all up and be followed by The Wild Ones, Bad Dog Bad and the Black Angels NYC. Whew, this sounds like a lot to enjoy doesn’t it? To see the comprehensive show review just click the logo below to be brought over to the main PiercingMetal site and then by all means keep scrolling down this blog posting to enjoy some side images and video that I am only presenting to you here.

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Kittie in Concert (5/16/2012)

2012 finds the band Kittie celebrating sixteen years of Metal existence in terms of touring, music and just making an impact on the lives of their ardent fans and tonight their tour would hit New York City. The package would also feature Blackguard, The Agonist and Bonded By Blood and would continue to support the girls latest release “I’ve Failed You”, their sixth full-length album. Having enjoyed Kittie in concert over the last few years of running this PiercingMetal site, I opted to check them out as opposed to seeing Destruction or Steel Panther who both had gigs in very close proximity. To see how the show went down just click the bands logo below, but then come back to the blog to enjoy some of the side images that I am only presenting in the blog posting.

Artist: Kittie
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Blackguard, The Agonist, Bonded By Blood
Date: 5/16/2012
Label: E1 Entertainment

Written By: Ken Pierce (copyright 2012) for PiercingMetal.com

The Big Apple last found Kittie hitting the stage back in August of 2011 and sadly I had to miss that particular gig since the mighty Kamelot was also making an appearance after a lengthy absence from the region. For the show the ladies were proudly unveiling their latest bit of Metal wares in one “I’ve Failed You” that came care of their E1 Entertainment label. Now the release has had a little steam and it was great to find them returning to give those who missed it the chance to catch up a little bit. The tour was almost entirely a Canadian Metal invasion and would bring along Blackguard as support with The Agonist and Bonded By Blood. Having never seen BBB before and since I liked all the other openers I made sure to arrive nice and early to see what the entire evening would be like. Here is the scoop.

Bonded By Blood: The dudes in Bonded By Blood are an interesting lot since they are not only on one of the most extreme labels out there with their place on Earache Records, but they also appear to take their name from an incendiary tune by the one and only Exodus. Add these two things together and the band delivers a massive thrashing to the skull with their material. I was seeing them for the very first time tonight but I will tell you that I liked what I was seeing and hearing. They were intense and precise and so very, very into giving you their all. I did a little investigation about the guys when they were at the merchandise table and learned that they have two albums out on Earache already and a new one coming soon. Their set was a small sample of the two older albums and then the remainder of the forthcoming. That gave the audience who was in the venue early enough to enjoy them a great sneak peek into what the band had in store for them. I will definitely check them out again in the future if my schedule allows. Good luck to Bonded By Blood. You guys come off strong out of the gate and we wish you well.

The Agonist: Interestingly enough, the last time that I caught The Agonist was when they were on that aforementioned Kamelot show and since I’ve enjoyed them since the very beginning I was happy to find them as a part of this ¾ Canadian Metal tour. Tonight would find lead guitarist Danny Marino back at the command as he was not here that last time around due to some personal business and I admit that anytime that I read that, I look too deeply into it. The pains of music journalism where you think some information is hiding X-Files secrets. Insert sigh of relief. The band hit the stage first and laid down some heavy riffs before Alissa White-Gluz charged to the front like a growling banshee. It was great to once again witness the audience being behind them because there have been times where a lackluster response was given in this region and the reasons still eludes me on that as they are nice and solid live. They would open with “Thank You Pain” and then deliver one of their new numbers “Ideomotor” which is coming from their soon to be released album “Prisoners”. This was a fast-paced and focused set from the band and at six songs appeared to give us a couple from each of the releases including the new one. They were done before you knew it unfortunately but many of the band members were available at the merchandise table to sign and help move their wares. Tonight the merchandise would be upstairs as opposed to down in the lower section which surprised me. A few more people had filed in but there was not yet much of a crowd which saddened me just a little. The full Agonist set was “Thank You, Pain”, “Ideomotor”, “Panophobia”, “Business Suits and Combat Boots”, “And Their Eulogies Sang Me To Sleep”, and “The Escape”. Make sure you pick up their new album when it comes out. Next up……BLACKGUARD!

Blackguard: Okay, I have officially lost count on how many times that I have seen Blackguard and I am sure that many of you readers are in the same boat because the band for the last couple of years has been on almost as many show rosters as Warbringer. I’ll keep my details about the band brief and to the general point because they’ve been documented here so much it risks sounding the same. As usual they continue to hit the stage with thunderous vitality and thanks to all of these past gigs have successfully built up a strong fan following of their own. I actually was turned onto them by the kind blue haired screamer who had just finished her set and I thank her to this very day. When they last played they had one of the members of Destrophy filling in on guitar detail for the absent Kim Gosselin. It would soon come to light that the lead guitarist was no longer a part of the bands lineup and now they would have yet another person in for the tour. His name is Gabriel Guardiola and he hails from a band called Immortal Guardian that is based out of San Antonio, Texas. Mind you I needed to secure all this information quick as I did not recognize the talented young player at all. He did the job well for sure and as this run of dates had been on for a while it seemed as though he was up to snuff. Perhaps he can work with both bands and end up helping his own in the end. The set list was a lot of what I had seen the band do since their latest release “Firefight” had come out but when they blasted into “The Sword” from “Profugis Mortis”, the vocal part done by Alissa White-Gluz on the recording would instead be live. That made sense since the singer is on the tour. At the close of the number she appeared on the stage to share it with Ablaze and it very simply ruled. They would close with “The Fear Of All Flesh” and leave their fans screaming. Now a quick changeover would give us the sounds of Kittie and wow it was super early. This event was running like a machine. I liked that for sure.

Kittie: The girls were up and ready for action very quickly this evening and I guess that the timely nature we were so far experiencing was based on the venue having an early curfew for this performance. After seeing so many incredibly late shows I surely didn’t mind an early one for a change. The most significant change right off the bat with Kittie was the absence of Ivy Vujic who had left the lineup some months ago to follow a different path as clothing entrepreneur and wife to the singer of Gwen Stacy. We wish her the best as we greatly enjoyed what she brought to the table. Moving forward, the upside to Ivy’s departure would be the return of the wonderful Trish Doan who was a definite fan favorite and had recorded their “Funeral For Yesterday” album and done some extensive touring before leaving the band for personal concerns. Now healthy, and a retooled Metal musician of purpose, she is back for the attack and ready to leave you breathless at each performance. Welcome back Trish. The show kicked in like a shot and the girls would open with “I’ve Failed You” which is the title of their newest release. A solid track for sure and yet the title surprises me still because I don’t think Kittie has failed anyone. See, it’s that writer thinking again; so anyways the sound was raw and heavy which is always what I like about a Kittie show. This is one band that you cannot assume you got the scoop about from only listening to their albums. You do need to see them in the live sense to see the bigger picture. It was a great way to start.

“My Plague” from the bands previous recording “In The Black” was up next and with singer Morgan Lander (now looking fatal in her black tresses) unable to really leave the microphone area, it was up to guitarist Tara McLeod and Trish to bound from side to side of the stage and believe me these ladies were keeping you focused. The girls all seem to know how to play to their audience and as I glanced around the assembled folks tonight I saw many familiar faces that I would normally see at a Kittie show. The diehards always come right? Let’s hope they keep spreading the word though because there is strength in numbers. The composition of the set was an interesting one and it was nice to see it playing with a number of different albums because the fans do tend to expect certain numbers and I think every group has tune that “they must never leave out”. I was a latecomer to the Kittie camp myself and only really started digging into them when “Funeral For Yesterday” had come out and then I did some backward research. Anyway, I digress. I was trying to get at the fact that they did deliver a number of solid choices from across a great range of releases and no one seemed miffed by the look of it. For those who like to know the setup of the stage, I wanted to quickly mention that drummer Mercedes is now using a bit of a scaled down kit. I loved her larger pink double bass setup but I guess that all gets tiresome to always bring around. I also need to add how much Tara has impressed me as a guitar goddess. I felt she was really good when I first saw her at B.B. King’s those few years ago, but now she is truly exceptional at it.

Tonight Morgan was keeping the banter between her and the crowd a little bit on the minimal side and while we would get the occasional “come on New York” there was not all that much extended dialogue. That’s okay because it lets her be different in the audiences eyes and wonder how their next experience might be. She did talk about the new album and how fun it was to do the release party show for it in NYC back in August. Fine Morgan. Rub it in. Thanks  While Morgan seemed to be a little more serious this evening, the returning Trish looked like she was a kid in a candy shop and was feeding off the positive energy of the fans. That was a nice way to be welcomed back in my humble opinion. All in all the new release would find four of its numbers performed tonight and as they had opened with a tune from it so would they close in the same fashion. The final song of the night would be “We Are The Lamb” and the track has a fantastic video that will appeal to all the fans of “The Walking Dead”. Trust me; you are going to want to see this one. With that the show was over and since we were on the main venue floor there was no real ability to convene at the merchandise stand for the fans like they sometimes do downstairs. I noticed several disappointed folks faces who I guess had hoped Kittie would come to their table to perhaps sign some things. I was not sure if there was any sort of pre-show meet for the fans at this one since I was otherwise occupied. Sometimes there are and sometimes, well, not. The band’s full headlining set appeared to be just over one hour in time even though there were sixteen songs performed. Kittie does not have Dream Theater length songs after all.

This was a solid show from beginning to end and I give points to all of the performers on a job well done. The only real downside would be in the rather limited attendance for this show. Tonight would find three events of the Metal kind going on and all doing so in close proximity. We had Destruction and Warbringer going on up at B.B. King’s while over at Irving Plaza there was Steel Panther who were back for the third visit this year I think. I’ll venture to guess that none of these shows affected each other because these bands all have their own unique set of followers. The Destruction fans that I know were not going to debate seeing them or Kittie nor would the Kittie fans I know debate the same way about Destruction. If their favorite band is in town that is where they pointed themselves. I think with Kittie just having been here in August might have been more of the issue. Who’s to know in the end. This was a good time and a nice change of pace to have an early night of Metal that would not leave me shot to pieces the following day based on the ending hour. Thanks for visiting Kittie, see you all again soon.

Blackguard Set List:
1. The Path
2. Tephra
3. Firefight
4. Farewell
5. Cinder
6. The Sword
7. Wastelands
8. The Fear of All Flesh

Kittie Set List:
1. I’ve Failed You
2. My Plague
3. Look So Pretty
4. Summer Dies
5. Spit
6. Never Again
7. Cut Throat
8. Burning Bridges
9. What I Always Wanted
10. In Winter
11. Flower of Flesh and Blood
12. Empires (Part 2)
13. Ugly
14. Mouthful of Poison
15. Forgive & Forget
16. We Are the Lamb

Official Website: www.kittierocks.com
Official Website: www.blackguard.net
Official Website: www.myspace.com/theagonist

Amazon.com Code:

Here’s the venue marquee.  Had to shoot this one in some light as the show was starting on the early side and I wanted to see all of the bands perform.

Time To Rock With Kittie

Let’s take a look at the various coolness that was available at the merchandise tables this evening.  I will start out with what Blackguard had for you to peruse.  We first find the bands drummer Justine “The Queen Drum Machine” Ethier just chilling out.  She never hesitates to give us the thumbs up and don’t you worry, we are fans of hers as well.

Drum Goddess Justine Ethier at Blackguard Merch

Here’s a cool poster of the band and of course their CD’s.  It’s kind of interesting to see how every member is shown except Kim who left the group in the middle of last year.  He is being blocked by ear plugs.

Blackguard Poster and CD's

Here we have beer cozies, stickers, patches, guitar pick earrings, keychains and bottle openers.  Oh yes and buttons.  Whew.

Miscellaneous Blackguard Goodies

I know the band is now signed to Victory Records, so I hope there they provide enough funds for the band to do a new album.  Either way  I do know that the band needs road cash.  Gas is expensive and getting from town to town to town as often as Blackguard does will not be a cheap endeavor.

Blackguard Fundraising

The guys in Bonded By Blood had a small table off to the side but a number of cool shirts, releases and buttons to choose from.  Dig it.

Bonded By Blood Shirts

Here is the rest of their wares…

Bonded By Blood CD's and More Schwag

Sliding over to The Agonist merchandise now here is their display….

The Agonist Shirts

Here are some posters, artwork and download cards to get your digital copy of the album on the day it releases.

Miscellaneous Goodies for The Agonist

Given the price of gasoline in the USA these days, it does not surprise me to see this on the merchandise stand. Yes, the bands are paying for their own gas in most scenarios. Feel free to help in the efforts to keep the van a rolling.

Spare Some Gas Money?

And last but certainly not least here are a few of the things we found being sold at the Kittie table.  Shirts and panties but no music was on hand.  My guess is that with only a few days left on the tour that they had sold it all out.

Cool Kittie Shirtage

I was surprised that no logo only shirts were on hand.  I tend to go for those the most myself.  I did however like the I <3 Kittie one a bit though.

Kittie Underwear

When it’s possible to share the visual with you all, I like to snap some images of the various effects we see on the stage. I know we have a lot of burgeoning players out there who admire these Metal providers and they always seem keen on knowing what the bands use to do their stuff. Here are the two effects that the lovely Miss Morgan Lander was using.

Morgan Lander's Effects

Next up the drum kit of Dangerous Mercedes Lander. This is a smaller kit than I remember her using. I guess she now prefers a scaled down approach. To each their own right? I hope she moves back to the physical second bass drum since its impressive looking onstage as well.

Mercedes Lander's Drum Kit

I didn’t manage to get what Tara was using for some reason but here is Trish’s bass cabinet. It has what I believe to be some Korean writing on it. If you can read it please let us know.

Trish Doan's Bass Cabinet

That’s all we have here in the blog for the show. Hope you enjoyed the full on concert report and galleries of photographs on the main site. Remember you can access that by clicking the logo at the top of this posting.

Sabaton: Live Photos @ Gramercy Theatre (5/4/2012)

Logo - Sabaton

Sabaton were climbing Metal’s ladder to success after only one previous USA visit and here we are for their first ever headlining run the following year. The show dropped into the Gramercy Theatre and was documented in full on THIS LINK. Now please enjoy a lot of photographs that I captured from their set.

sabaton, sabaton concert photos
Sabaton by Ken Pierce (2012)

sabaton, sabaton concert photos
Sabaton by Ken Pierce (2012)

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