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The Thrill Is Gone! B.B. King Blues Club & Grill Has Closed (2000-2018)

bb kings, bb king blues club and grill

Last night, the legendary Blues artist Buddy Guy headlined the stages of the B.B. King Blues Club for their final event. Yes my friends, as we’ve noted in a previous post, the illustrious Times Square venue has closed its doors. We’ve already noted how a skyrocketing rent was the root cause and this is something we are hearing in NYC all the frigging time nowadays and its becoming boring. The greed of the regions property owners are making all of the things that make our city special go away. It sucks. Now as a scribe whose spent a considerable amount of time supporting shows in this venue for the past thirteen years, I had been on a mission this afternoon to snap a shot of the “Thank You” message that a friend showed me was on the marquee last night. After attending the Ghost press conference, I headed uptown to Times Square and I was left speechless by what I saw when I reached my destination.

Sadly, B.B. King’s no longer even existed by the time that I got there and all of the marquee signage was gone along with the neon and the photos that adorned it among numerous other lights for all of Times Square to see. Staff was zipping in and out with stuff and when I asked someone why this was so quick an occurrence they said that they needed to be out by tomorrow (Tuesday). Clearly the thrill was gone and I will miss this place very much. I still have to do a massive compilation of my very favorite performances here for you to enjoy but its taking me a little longer than I expected it to since there are quite a few. In my announcement about the closing, I had miscalculated my contests for the place and there was only “80” of them and not “92” as I previously reported. I did still put over “600” fans into the shows in the place so that is all that matters to me.

The loss of this venue also breaks some of the pre-gaming rituals that my friends and I would have. Generally, we would find ourselves assembling and catching up at the nearby Smith’s Bar and then heading over once all had joined in and the show was relatively close to starting. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve covered shows here and how many different bands all get added up but will say its at least “200” on the show review scale and probably around “600” for individual bands. Though its been said that there is interest in finding another location, one has to wonder if there will there even be time to focus on that with the brand new Sony Hall having absorbed most of their programming while some other shows have been taken over to the Highline Ballroom. I’m sure going to miss this place and thank all of the staff who helped me to do my thing for so many years in these confines. Eternal thanks for that matter.

bb king blues club and grill, bb kings

Hopefully they hang this somewhere special. Perhaps the Hard Rock Cafe should look into this along with the smaller neon logo we just shared above.

bb king blues club and grill, bb kings

No one appearing tonight. No one coming soon. Sadness.

bb king blues club and grill, bb kings

To learn more about the partnership between the Blue Note Media Group and Sony Music please click HERE to access the post that we shared about the news.

Official Website: http://www.bbkingblues.com

Goodbye To The Roseland Ballroom (12/31/1919-4/7/2014)

And so it ends. Last night Lady Gaga finished her several show residency at the venerated NYC night club and upon completion of the encores and the confetti, the doors were closed on The Roseland Ballroom forever. Wow. Such a feeling of finality for the NYC live music scene and words that I am truly finding sorrow in writing down for you all. I’m really going to miss this place being here for the shows. The marquee photo from below was from the last time that I would attend an event at the venue back in December of 2013. It was for the Japanese band “VAMPS” who were quite entertaining.

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The Roseland Ballroom Will Close In April 2014

Sometime yesterday the news was officially broke by Billboard.com about the not to far in the distant future closure of the Roseland Ballroom based on an email that they received. I’ll admit to my fair readers that I had already heard about this shocking event a few weeks ago by a concert going regular whose voice I trust, but when I dug about for more information around the realm I was told “nope” and “this is not true at all” by the parties that I reached out to about it. Of course I didn’t really believe that since I could see how such a thing would happen given the state of how NYC works in terms of real estate. For good measure I even checked in with some peers in “that which I do” and they had no idea about it but I was not going to write down my thoughts until one of the biggies put it to paper and now with Billboard doing just that we can toss our views into the mix.

Click Marquee To See Shows Covered Here
Click Marquee To See Shows Covered Here

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PiercingMetal’s Inside Look At NYC’s New Stage 48 Venue…

Attenion all concert fans of New York City for there is a new venue in town and it’s name is Stage 48. The club is located down on 48th Street just off 11th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen and just the other day, PiercingMetal had the honor of walking through the club with their Marketing Director in order to bring you some inside details about it.

Welcome To Stage 48

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