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Nuclear Assault @ Saint Vitus Bar

Nuclear Assault will take no prisoners in Brooklyn with their sure to be sold out appearance at SVB. They’ll be joined by Heavy Metal Kings and more. This event is 21+ with proper ID.

Nuclear Assault @ Gramercy Theatre

Nuclear Assault pays a long overdue visit to NYC for the Metal masses and shall bring along Murphy’s Law and Whiplash as support. Time to get your Thrash on.

gramercy theatre logo

“Third World Genocide” by Nuclear Assault

Artist: Nuclear Assault
Title: “Third World Genocide”
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 8/30/2005
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 2/5

Nuclear Assault was one of those bands from way back in the day of Thrash Metal that always had a strong cult following more than arena level touring capacity. The signing to SPV Records has brought us to “Third World Genocide” and if this is expected to be the bands return to the scene where they are held in high regard, then they could have done a little better at it. I can readily admit that I was not the most ardent of fans of the group but I did always give them some props for the often biting social commentary that was found in their lyrics. John Connolly is a force to be reckoned with onstage and literally screams his lungs out for two-hour sets and they always drew a tremendous crowd in their early days. The new CD has the pre-requisite Thrashing but nothing really stands out like it once had but perhaps to their diehards this is something seen a little easier. It is also layered with a fine dose of humor which is apparent on the songs “Whine And Cheese”, where an almost Sex Pistols like vibe comes across. “Long-Haired Asshole” is Country Metal if needing a genre qualification and you simply laugh as you wonder why a band so noted for brutalizing the ears was taking a seemingly goofy route. The band lineup remains the same as the old days with John Connolly on guitar and vocals, Danny Lilker on bass and vocals with Glen Evans on drums. The only exception is the absence of Anthony Bramante on lead guitar. The album tracks were recorded by Eric Burke but when I caught a performance shortly after the release the slot was being filled by Karl Cochran, who has worked with Ace Frehley on a number of occasions. “Third World Genocide” was not really high on my recommendation list, but again I could be missing something here that I am not designed to get. True fans might love it, but that will be a surprise to me. I expected a little more from “Old School” Thrashers, especially when what comes from bands like Overkill and Exodus still rings true with a historical glory.
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“Louder Harder Faster” by Nuclear Assault

Artist: Nuclear Assault
Title: “Louder Harder Faster”
Label: Screaming Ferret Wreckords
Release Date: 10/10/2006
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 2/5

Formed in 1984 at the onset of the Thrash Metal movement Nuclear Assault was a brutal example of what the genre could do to the ears of the audience. Dan Lilker (originally a member of Anthrax), John Connolly, Glen Evans and Anthony Bramante always aimed to destroy on stage and while not everyone’s cup of tea developed a fan base for years to come and released revered Thrash epics such as “Survive” and “Handle with Care”. Unlike many of their peers who changed and modified their brand of sound over the years, Nuclear Assault never veered from the path and as a result remained high on the list of their most ardent supporters while at the same time losing some who might have grown out of the style they played. This DVD is the first ever for the band and while it includes what seems to be a kick ass set of material the release itself is nothing more than a disappointment. Shot during the “Louder, Harder, Faster” festival in 2005, this DVD of the same name is a terribly produced effort that uses minimal camera angles and a sub-par sound recording. Drums are too loud in the production while vocals and lead guitars are impossible to hear. Lilkers bass seems to cut through and perhaps this was the positioning of the mics while this was being done.
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Nuclear Assault @ Brooklyn Music Terminal (8/26/2005)

Logo - Nuclear Assault

Artist: Nuclear Assault
Venue: Brooklyn Music Terminal (Brooklyn)
Opener: unsigned
Date: 8/26/2005
Label: SPV Records

One of the things I intend to do a little more as the main force behind my own web based magazine, is to open myself up to bands that I never really followed or had a strong level of interest in over the years. Let’s face it, you cannot like everything or find time to see all that is going on around you in the music scene. My chance to do this would come when Nuclear Assault would play at the BMT Club which is also called the Brooklyn Music Terminal. This was my second time here and I was hoping that the slight issues with the space would keep being worked out. Friends of mine loved Nuclear Assault back in the day, but they were never my fancy. To prove that Thrash Metal has not died the guys in the Legendary Nuclear Assault have returned to let you know in the only manner that they know how. On this second visit to the venue in about a one week time period I had to say that this was the perfect venue for the group. In their heyday they were often mainstays at the original L’Amour and most of the guys were neighborhood musicians. Nuclear Assault would be promoting and showcasing some new material from their upcoming release “Third World Genocide” which comes to us courtesy of SPV Records and this will be the bands first release in over 10 years. I admitted a little bit of surprise in the fact that Anthony Bramante (the bands original guitarist) had not come back by this time. I felt that with so many bands reuniting and doing recordings and touring it made me almost expect to see it happen. On “Third World Genocide” guitarist Eric Burke handles the shredding but at this show we would have Karl Cochran handling the duties. Karl is no stranger to performance and has played with Ace Frehley and Joe Lynn Turner. He was excellent at pulling off all of the riffs with relative ease.
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