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Kamelot @ B.B. King Blues Club (9/20/2006)

Logo - Kamelot

Artist: Kamelot
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Epica, Operatika
Date: 9/20/2006
Label: SPV Records

The fans of Melodic Power Metal certainly have a powerful ally in with the band Kamelot. This Florida-based group has been riding high on the success of their latest release “The Black Halo” for some time now and this is an album that deserves every accolade that it gets. Rich in melody and loaded with powerful Metal hooks – this is a band that will quickly make you a fan if you are not one already. In the live sense they make sure to deliver and this appearance at B.B. King Blues Club would mark their second adventure to New York. Kamelot would be joined on this tour by Dutch Metal sensation Epica and local unsigned talent Operatika. Attendees to the venue this evening would most certainly get a Power Metal fix like never before. The night began with Operatika, and it was interesting to see an unsigned group being used for such a show. It’s a trend that could work if the band is worthy and these folks are most certainly talented. The group is Operatic & Symphonic in sound so they worked well with main attractions. The audience would also find the lead singer to be very pregnant and that’s a sight you don’t often see at these shows. Good job Operatika on getting the new arrival prepped for the Metal. I would not catch their set since I was involved in some discussions with Kamelot outside the venue – but I did make sure to check on how they were received. I am happy to report that it was high marks all around, so keep watching for them.
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