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Analyze Netflix’s “Stranger Things” Season 2 SDCC “Thriller” Trailer

I’m cooking with gasoline my fiends as I continue dishing out the wealth of both television and streaming services trailers for the upcoming super hero and Science Fiction hotness along with those big screen epics that we love so much. Yes I realize that I could have only done one or two posts and placed a few trailers in each but I love sharing the premise as a reminder and the casting so we can make it a more focused discussion point and have the comments matter most to the topic should any come in. Next on the media docket we have the second season trailer for Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. It made an appearance at the Comic Con International: San Diego or “SDCC” several days ago and I’ve been parsing these out as I’ve already noted. Let’s take a look down below and of course there is the premise and casting for you to absorb.

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