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Brian Setzer Announces “Rockabilly Riot” US Tour

I’ve kept the music that Brian Setzer played with The Stray Cats as one of my guilty pleasure bands since they just bring a good time to life like so few others are able to do. That said, the musician recently unveiled his plans for a full US Tour under the moniker of the “Rockabilly Riot”. Check out the poster, the press copy and the dates down below and then I’ll add some closing thoughts.

The Press Release:
Iconic guitarist, songwriter, vocalist and 3-time Grammy-award-winner BRIAN SETZER will launch his “ROCKABILLY RIOT!” tour Wednesday, June 7 in San Diego, CA, and audiences can expect his rockin’ style and guitar assault to leave them smiling.

Armed with Stray Cats gems like “Rock This Town,'” “Rumble In Brighton” and “Stray Cat Strut” plus other electrifying songs like “Let’s Shake” from his latest solo studio album Rockabilly Riot!: All Original, SETZER will also make stops in Las Vegas, Chicago and Atlantic City, among other cities throughout the U.S., before heading overseas in July.

SETZER’s red hot compadres are Noah Levy on drums, Kevin McKendree on piano/guitar and Mark Winchester on bass. “When you look up rockabilly in the dictionary there is a picture of Mark Winchester,” notes SETZER. “He grew up slapping the bass and is in a class of his own. The relationship with the drummer and the bass player in rockabilly is very unique. The slap bass is a rhythmic sounding instrument, so the drummer has to be very in time with him in order not to sound sloppy. Noah Levy is a very on-the-beat solid drummer, whereas me, as a guitar player, I push everything while they hold it all in place. And when you’re talking about the great rockabilly piano players, it’s a very short list, and Kevin McKendree is on it. And he also plays guitar incredibly well. We all just complement each other.”
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