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“God’s Equation” by Pagan’s Mind

Artist: Pagan’s Mind
Title: “God’s Equation”
Label: Limb Music
Release Date: 11/9/2007
Genre: Progressive Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

If you are like me and only getting around to the band Pagan’s Mind with their fourth release then fear not because “God’s Equation” seems to be the perfect starting off point even though these guys have been at this for several years already. As soon as “God’s Equation” began I knew I was in for a treat and after a brief instrumental lead in track, “The Conception”, the band leads you into the overall premise and power that you will experience on every track of “God’s Equation”. The self-titled album track shows the band to be a perfect blend of Progressive and Melodic Metal styling with rich instrumentation and adventures behind a truly powerful lead vocal. Running at a healthy 7.56 minutes the tune does not get boring at all and when the choruses come in you find yourself humming them to yourself as the group delivers the goods. The band was founded by their singer Nils K. Rue, and at times his vocal powers remind the listener of a singer like Geoff Tate. His soaring high notes and deep low register ones make Rue one of the better singers I have heard in this genre of music and I am saddened to only have become aware of them in recent times. “United Alliance” is a track that I find “live concert hit” written allover based on its head-bopping riffs by Jorn Viggo Lofstad and great sing-along chorus. They hit you hard with the Groove Metal meets Thrash during “Atomic Fireflight” and while that kicked some serious ass they really impressed me with the next track “Hello Spaceboy”. For those unaware this is an old David Bowie track from 1995 and hearing it done up as a Metal tune not only showed the talents of Pagan’s Mind but further confirmed the absolute genius of a musician like David Bowie. His tune when done in Metal format lost none of its original appeal and even took on a new life when it came down to it.
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