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Presenting Orange Sky & “PiercingRap” (well, not really….)

Logo - Orange Sky

No dear readers we are not changing the way we do things so please don’t be alarmed by the title of this musings post. We have no intention of disappointing the PiercingLegions by shifting musical gears in such a dramatic fashion but the title is based on the events of the most recent evening of attempted Rocking and Rolling. It began very simply enough with the appearance of a band called Orange Sky who were set to play a club called The Annex this past Sunday. I had caught them perform once before when they were direct support for Yngwie Malmsteen back in late 2005 and with the group hailing from Trinidad and Tobago, they don’t exactly get around to these parts all that often. I liked what I saw that first time around and the band was playing most of their debut album “Upstairs” for that show. Since that time they have delivered “Dat Iz Voodoo” and while I had only recieved the CD a day or so before and hence not absorbed it yet, I did get to hear samples online that made me realize it was heavier than the previous effort. This was surely something that will appeal to those who enjoyed them in the first place and could also possibly generate additional interest in those who are just learning about them. We have provided some links for you to snare their albums should that interest you. So please have at it……
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“Upstairs” by Orange Sky

Artist: Orange Sky
Title: “Upstairs”
Label: Granite Records
Release Date: 9/27/2005
Genre: Ethnic/Hard Rock
Rating: 7.5/10

The Orange Sky is definitely one of the more unique groups to come across my listeners queue in a long time. I can honestly say that I come to this conclusion based on the methods in which they deliver their music to the listener. Bands that blend elements of their home countries traditional melodies with their Rock are no longer strange to those who have been exposed to the Folks Metal/Rock stylings of Finntroll or Korpiklaani but when it came to the Orange Sky there was yet another avenue of approach. The band who hails from Trinidad and Tobago have taken a largely Caribbean feel and tapered it rich guitar melodies and vocal harmonies. The result is quite the tasty brand of Rock and Roll. Overall the record is very accessible and the songs have moments when they truly Rock and other times when there is a subtlety that works for the particular track. Tracks that rock from start to finish are evident in “Escape” which is a quick paced number that you will find yourself tapping and playing a little air guitar along to. “Tug Of War” is perhaps the heaviest of the songs and runs a nice rhythm pattern at the main verses. “Alone” is an interesting track which breaks into an almost Bare-Naked Ladies segment which works and also comes across perfectly in the live sense. These songs and “Beautiful Day” seemed to be my most favored of the record and like anything else you need to give this album more than a cursory listen because after your first take you might not catch it. As your second listen begins the band wins you over. Cat Stevens classic “Peace Train” gets a pretty straightforward cover on the record and I found it to be pretty good as well. The band is made up of Nigel Rojas (vocals, guitar), Nicholas Rojas (bass), Adam Murray (rhythm guitar), Obasi Springer (drums), and Richard Hall (keyboard) and together this quintet brings something a little different to the mix.
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