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DC Comics First Issues Coming July 2016

We are cooking with gas now in terms of the amount of “Rebirth” titles hitting the stands and its enough to say that you better ask for little overtime at the job or setup a table outside on the block to sell some things you don’t need in order to buy some more. That whole vicious cycle  Below you will find the official press provisions about the first issue offerings from DC Comics along with the covers and then I will return at the close with a few more thoughts.

"Justice League Rebirth" #1
“Justice League Rebirth” #1

JUSTICE LEAGUE: REBIRTH #1: Spinning out of the events of DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1, a new day dawns for Earth’s greatest heroes as they welcome three new members to the team, including…Superman? Who is this strange visitor from a dead world—and can he be trusted? Batman and Wonder Woman aren’t so sure.

Written by Bryan Hitch; Art by Bryan Hitch; Cover by Tony S. Daniel

"Justice League" #1
“Justice League” #1

JUSTICE LEAGUE #1: “THE EXTINCTION MACHINE” Chapter One. The oceans rise. The earth quakes. And an ancient power rises to reclaim not just the world, but the universe itself—and not even the combined might of the Justice League can stop it. An all-new era begins with this epic by comic book legend Bryan Hitch (JLA, The Ultimates) and master storyteller Tony S. Daniel (BATMAN: R.I.P., DEATHSTROKE).

Written by Bryan Hitch; Art by Tony S. Daniel and Sandu Florea; Cover by Tony S. Daniel
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