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PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2015: Jazwares

I’m going to be delivering a whole lot of coolness with the 2015 Toy Fair posts over the next couple of weeks and this year is hoping to step up the company focuses along with the comprehensive overviews. This chapter is dedicated to the folks at Jazwares who are a company that I had not explored in the past but wanted to check out based on some licenses that I liked. Let’s go.


The Jazwares folks have a LOT of interesting licenses for their releases and I was glad to have set up an appointment with Skeleton Pete to examine the offerings. The photos in this narrative are of the items that we had permission to photograph. Some stuff was pending approval or not the final version and when that is the case we cannot share it with you.  We would be greeted by the one and only Peppa Pig.  She is quite popular among the younger set and all of my friends kids love her.

jazwares, toy fair 2015

Walls and walls of new products to discuss with you but where should we begin the adventure.  I will let the rep guide me along.

jazwares, toy fair 2015
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