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Happy National Metal Day (11/11/2013)


Once again we are at the celebratory day of Metal that is called “National Metal Day” and since the whole thing started on 11-11-11 it is in its third year. Now since I have yet to receive a proper greeting card for it at the PiercingMetal Command HQ or even receive a present of some kind I am beginning to think that I have been sold a whole lot of hooey and that this is no real holiday after all šŸ™‚ Despite this little bit of media bill of goods, I do think that it is still fun to envision a special day for “Metal Jubilance” don’t you agree? The issue I found for this years go round was a limited amount of time to come up with something clever about the day like I did last year with my “Principles Of A Proper National Metal Day” so I am recanting them below my official Media shot that was done by my stalwart colleague Skeleton Pete. Oh yeah, I did add a little bit to it and expanded also on some other areas.
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Happy National Metal Day (11-11-12)

My oh my dear Metalheads where has the time gone because 2012 is starting to wrap itself up and here we are once again at the faux-holiday for the purveyors of the heavy, “National Metal Day”. The Metal Republic first saw this event being celebrated last year on 11-11-11 and it seemed rather clever, but a one time thing that appeared to be geared at VH1 Classic promoting Eddie Trunk’s “That Metal Show” and a number of archival concert things that they were going to show. Turns out they are doing it once again and with that being the case how could I not wish my wonderful readers a raucous, but joyous time on this louder than hell holiday occasion.

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Happy National Metal Day (11-11-11)


I know that you just shook your head to make sure you heard me correctly, but according to some broadcast mediums that I monitor here at the PiercingMetal Command Center, today November 11, 2011 is “National Metal Day”. This will be the first year that I have ever heard of this particular event but I am surely not against it at all. As a matter of fact, in my humble opinion every day should be National Metal Day when it comes down to it. The reason that I am saying this is based on Metal being more than just the music that you are listening to and instead being a part of your overall lifestyle and the way that you think about things. These aspects are just as important as the incredible musical genre which has really sprouted a lot of branches since we first heard its crushing notes when Black Sabbath came into our lives back in 1968. While I was far too young to enjoy them at this early time, I still can proudly say that I am a dedicated and practicing Metal head since the mid-seventies and that is not too shabby considering my actual age. Continue reading Happy National Metal Day (11-11-11)