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Tarja @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (4/29/2009)

Logo - Tarja

Artist: Tarja
Venue: Fillmore NY (New York, NY)
Opener: Urn, The Eternal
Date: 4/29/2009
Label: Universal Music

If my calculations are correct in this, the USA has not had a visit from the singer known as Tarja Turunen since the summer of 2004 when she last toured these parts with the band Nightwish. Since that time a world of dramatics and other events found the singer adventuring out on her own and releasing new music for the fans she had made over the years. While she had released a holiday themed album in 2005, it was not until 2007 that a more Symphonic Rock oriented release would be unveiled. The album “My Winter Storm” was an interesting album that had elements of what fans expected from Tarja and also a few melodies that came as a complete surprise. The very melodic release showcased the singers beautiful voice but would not be as bombastic as many had come to accept her when she fronted Nightwish. Tonight would be the first night of the singers US Tour and I was very happy to be a part of the fun as she returned to us after far too long an absence. The gig would be at the Fillmore NY and offer up two interesting openers by way of Urn and The Eternal. Here is how the night went if you were not there to enjoy it.
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“My Winter Storm” by Tarja Turunen

Artist: Tarja Turunen
Title: “My Winter Storm”
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 2/26/2008
Genre: Operatic Rock
Rating: 3/5

The wait is over for those who had wondered just what former Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen would deliver as her first official solo release since being fired from the powerhouse Metal band a couple of years ago. Yes this is chronologically her second solo album, but given its musical content and direction as well as being aimed at her former bands fan base it is safe to call this her first effort that works along the lines of that which had the world falling in love with her in the first place. I must admit that I was as hesitant to hear this one as I was when I played the new Nightwish for while I fully realize that the only constant is change, her firing had shifted the balance that many never thought would become undone. Together the two parties were an explosive dynamic but often when two such pieces separate the resulting halves never are quite able to achieve the success of the original. Nightwish delivered to the world a new singer with an exciting new album before embarking on a continually sold out tour so when it came to new Tarja music I had to say I expected to find a little bit of the same occurring, especially since there are those who remained loyal to her cause and swore to follow her into whatever direction she would present us with. Before you look into the album “My Winter Storm”, you need to suspend the belief that you will be hearing music that works along the lines of the powerhouse structure that Tuomas composed for Nightwish again and again.
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