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Here’s Tallah’s Official Video For “Placenta”

It was only a couple of months ago that we first shared the news about a new band that had been formed by drummer Max Portnoy (Son Of Mike) and Justin Bonitz who is cited as being a YouTube sensation. The band is called Tallah and if you missed that report please click HERE to examine in. Now, as May gets into full swing we get the official video from their first single with “Placenta”. Take a look.

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Ghost Will Bring The Plague With “Rats” Official Video

Now that the Iron Maiden supporting slot is over and the band’s released a subsequent live album, it’s time to get some more new from the ever-enigmatic Ghost but first there are some changes to point out. If the video tells no lies, the dread Papa Emeritus III is gone and in his place – Cardinal Copia. The song is called “Rats” and here is the video

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So it’s hopefully clear that I am only discussing the video in this brief narrative and will get into the single itself at another time and if not there you go. Now I am clearly going to miss the efforts of P3 but this new Cardinal Copia sure seems younger and much more quick on his feet. The dance moves alone rival that of the late great Fred A-scare. The Nameless Ghouls all appear to be the same as the last go round but who really knows if they have been swapped and traded as needs aligned. The visuals here are of a rat infested city and the song is an anthem to them. I am not a fan of the rodents myself and see enough during the travels on the NYC subway system but outside of that I do love the Ghostettes (or whatever the dancers who we see in the clip are called). Farewell P3 and welcome to the fold Cardinal Copia. Did you enjoy the clip? You can legally download the single for this song from “Prequelle” via the link to Amazon.com down below.

Official Website: http://www.ghost-official.com

Metal Blade Records Presents: Behemoth “The Satanist” Live Video

If you’ve never witnessed the crushing brutality that is the band Behemoth, then you’re going to want to maximize this next video on your screen and indulge as Metal Blade Records presents the band doing their song “The Satanist” in concert. The clip hails from their forthcoming video and CD release “Messe Noire”. You’ve been warned.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t have much to add here other than the fact that while this is a solid delivery and execution of the title track from their “The Satanist” album; there is truly no better way to experience Behemoth than with your own eyes in a club where they might be playing. I wouldn’t recommend that the newbies stand too close to the stage since the crowd surfing can get out of hand, but standing on the periphery of it all or viewing down from up above is worth doing. I’ve been seeing Behemoth in concert since 2004 unless I am off a year and its always an experience that leaves me exhausted but wanting more. I’ve even been fortunate enough to have met the guys over the years and to have covered their work here on the website. Just click THIS LINK to open up any posts that refer to them. You’ll find a little bit of everything by doing that and most posts have links to Amazon.com purchase points to spark your grabbing the credit card. Currently, Behemoth is one of the many bands that are supporting the final tour by Slayer. They are on the first leg and if you’ve interest in catching them you better act fast or risk missing out on it. “Messe Noire” will hit the streets in April.

Official Website: http://www.behemoth.pl

Presenting Granny 4 Barrel’s “Freak Flag” Official Video

When a publicist that you’ve worked with for a very long time sends you a release about a relatively new band that falls into the Shock Rock category you do tend to get a little bit curious. When the release outlines that this band features a bunch of carnival delinquent looking characters and an octogenarian you wonder if you actually want to click the “play video” on the YouTube channel. I mean, come on, that is just weird right? Of course it is so let’s take a look at what Granny 4 Barrel is all about in their first video ever “Freak Flag”.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As you can see by the clip, this is mostly a performance video and there is no overall story to it like we find in some others but with it we get to see the four piece unit in action and get a solid look at all of them. On guitar is The Butcher who looks crazy and we see the chap known as The Maestro on the violin who brings the class while Granny herself (or is it Himself) brings the attitude and the sass. Yes, it’s a dude in Grandma Drag….oh Dee Snider what on Earth have you inspired 😊 The clip also features a whole cast of colorful characters that might give the normal person a heavy sense of pause. Not me of course since I am surrounded by these types of folks and think a lot of them are awesome. It’s the normal ones that worry me the most. As far as the song, I’ll toss together a quick Single Review as soon as I can work one up and while I don’t yet “love” this track, I will not be discounting the band about it. Sometimes a number needs to hit you a few times so let’s wait on that viewpoint when I do that review. The clip is energetic and disturbing fun at the same time and one has to wonder what G4B is like in concert. I’d catch them if they were playing near me for sure. Did you like this video?

Official Website: http://www.granny4barrel.com

Behold Eluveitie’s “Epona” Official Video

A lot has gone on in the world of Folk Metal sensations Eluveitie since we last witnessed their unique brand of musical assault and if you’ve been a fan for any longer period of time and are not up to date, then the musicians you see in the first clip from their upcoming album will be a bit of a mystery to you. Yeah it seems as though a number of the favorites have gone on to other adventures and as someone who has loved them since the “Slania” days can say with truth that I look forward to hearing their next chapter. Speaking of next chapter, Eluveitie is back with an album that will be called “Evocation II: Pantheon” and it will come from their longtime label Nuclear Blast Records. I’ve embedded the video clip for “Epona” below.

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