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Merging “PiercingMetal Musings” Into “The All-New PiercingMetal.com”

Ladies and gentlemen today I am saying goodbye to “PiercingMetal Musings”, a presence that has served our readers well as “The Official Blog” for PiercingMetal.com for just over seven years at the time of this writing. I see that you look a little sad at that announcement but let me tell you why you should only be smiling at that little bit of news.

Logo - PiercingMetal Musings - Original

I’m about a month into the redevelopment of my PiercingMetal.com site and since I am now using WordPress to deliver all of the content that you have come to this dotcom to enjoy, there was no longer a need for a side presence to the brand name that used this same software. When I first installed WordPress and created the “PiercingMetal Musings” Blog it was to expand my creative voice outside of the context of objective reviews. It worked very well but as we steadily approach the websites tenth year online it was time to make a change. Over the last few weeks I have been importing all of the posts that you’ve enjoyed for the past seven years and have appended their categories to fit nicely into the new framework.
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WeRoqq.com Interviews PiercingMetal’s Ken Pierce For “Media Star” Segment

Logo - WeRoqq

A little over a year and a half ago I had the pleasant opportunity to meet Shukmei Wong, one of the founders of WeRoqq PR.  The company is a New York based boutique publicity house and it was one of those coincidental nights where two random but like-minded paths just manage to cross.  The scene was at the Lit Lounge where I was able to party hearty with the mighty Amon Amarth who were in town to let the media listen to their newest album “Twilight Of The Thunder God” while WR’s Shukmei was checking out her friend’s band downstairs where the bands perform. The usual business card exchanging thing took place and over time we became allies in the media realm and good friends to boot. That’s never a bad thing in this hectic and often very difficult business.

Recently Shukmei contacted me about offering up my views on a few questions in their brand spanking new “Media Star” section. Shuky’s view of the section is to have the various players in the realm offer up insight that will be hopefully be viewed as both interesting and helpful to others who are braving this kind of passion. This was really an honor that I could not refuse and we really enjoyed helping Shuky to launch her new blog section. Check out the mini-interview and some of the other activity that WeRoqq.com is up to by clicking the link below.

http://blog.weroqq.com/2010/03/media-star-ken-pierce-from.html – Link No Longer Works (see below)
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