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Check Out The Official Trailer For “Fantastic Four” Now

Logo - FF Film - 2015

Back in January I shared the Teaser Trailer from 20th Century Fox’s reboot of Marvel Comics own “Fantastic Four” and based on what was put out there along with the information about some of the changes to the mythology that fans have known for decades the response was less than spectacular. Granted we didn’t really see that much in the teaser but after a few views of the clip it appeared to be more of a Science Fiction film that a Super-hero one and speaking frankly it didn’t do much for me. Earlier today we got a full official trailer that shows our heroes and their powers along with more of the plot so check it out below and then lets discuss.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Okay so that only made me a little more firm in my lack of overall interest in the film and let me give you a couple of reasons why. Now a lot of people were mad at how the Storm siblings were going to be portrayed and rightly so because it seemed an unnecessary and drastic change to the canon of the quartet. The clip gives us their father and he seems to play an important role in how the team even meets up before their life-changing accident. Completely irrelevant to what needs to be told whether the original premise seems too dated or what have you they should have just left well enough alone. They didn’t. This appears to show the four getting their powers from the Negative Zone which is a supreme left turn from canon but perhaps it will at least give us Annihilus as well in some fashion. We are getting Doom but as its been reported he is not a foreign tyrant with a world conquering complex and is instead an angry programmer/blogger. The clip shows him in costume for a hot second so I guess he found time to suit up when not sending out hateful tweets, posting negative Yelps and shaming the world around him on Facebook. I’ll be frank and say that this looks like its going to be awful and I am trying to be a hater here as much as I want a big screen traditional telling of the classic Fantastic Four. I envision this film making the other two that we got several years ago look like masterpieces. Am I wrong? Please tell me that I am being too closed minded about this but between this and the recent “meh” that was the “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” trailer I am stating firmly and with zeal “Make Mine Marvel (Studios)! Chime in down in the comments below with what you thought because I would love to hear what you think as well.

Check Out The “Jurassic World” – Official Global Trailer

Logo - Jurassic World

Boy oh boy have there been a lot of trailers to share with you folks but that is never a bad thing when you consider some of the properties that are going to be coming to life on the big screen this summer and the months that follow it. Back in November of 2014 I shared the Teaser Trailer of the upcoming film “Jurassic World”. Honestly speaking, it was much more than a tease based on its length and now with the films opening only a few short months away we have gotten a bigger and better look into the chaos that will be happening on the island that time forgot. Take a look below and we can chat more afterward.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I enjoyed the first trailer that I posted a few months ago and I really loved all three of the Jurassic Park films that preceded this upcoming release so I guess I am a little on the jaded side. However, when you consider the dismal and brooding trailer that was just released for the eventually coming “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”, this one put light and excitement back into my cinephile head (that’s a person who loves movies so get your minds out of the gutter). We get a little more in this trailer than in the previous and we see fleeting glimpses of the Indominus Rex which as you know is a genetically created beast by a greedy park ownership. Like Pratt said in the first trailer “probably not a good idea” and this shows us the price of such folly. There also appears to be a lot of other dino mayhem to be had which should make this an amazing film on the big screen. The film opens up everywhere on June 12th of this year and gives you a nice theatrical experience while you wait for Marvel Studios upcoming “Ant-Man” film. I know that I will be there in the early days of release and I wonder what you kind readers think about this one. Let me know in the comments below.

Official Film Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jurassic_World

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” – Official Teaser Arrives

Logo - Batman vs Superman - Dawn Of Justice

Yesterday the world was given a second trailer to the upcoming continuation of the Star Wars mythos and it was absolutely awesome to behold. If you doubt me just click HERE and see the post that I did that shared it with our site readership. Later in the day there was some buzz about a leaked trailer for the 2016 release of “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice” and since it was not posted on an official channel I held back from sharing it here but now Warner Brothers has put it out there a little ahead of schedule so check it out and lets discuss afterward. Here we go.

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Take Heed, The “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Official Teaser #2 Is Here

Logo - Star Wars The Force Awakens

A few months ago the world was treated to almost two minutes of a teaser from the still in production film “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” which is coming out in December of this year and now the magical science fiction powers that be have given us a better look inside this film in a longer trailer which I have embedded for your indulgence below. Check it out and then lets banter about it a little bit.

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The Trailer Is Here: “Ant-Man” (7/2015)

Logo - Ant-Man

Now I know that I have expressing the excitement that I have for the upcoming “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” film that opens in a mere eighteen days (but who is counting). I’ve been on a musical high based on the last few days of incredible Metal shows in the likes of Nightwish/Sabaton and At The Gates/Converge so when I awoke to find out that the full trailer for the summer film “Ant-Man” was ready to be enjoyed, it energized my inner nerdishness. To me this was a great way to start a Monday morning on what appears to be a Spring-like day at long last. Check it out below.

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