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PiercingMetal Attends: “A Blaze In The Northern Sky” – The Black Metal Seminar

"A Blaze In The Northern Sky"

Last night was the Heavy Metal concert that was held by wrestler Chris Jericho and his band Fozzy. The event was a blast in terms of the Traditional sound that it offered up but now that it was over, it was time to get a little grittier and see what was brewing down at the Scandinavia House. It was there that a seminar on Norwegian Black Metal would be held and its official title was “A Blaze In The Northern Sky: Norwegian Black Metal & The Culture That Spawned It”. The affair would be moderated and in a sense hosted by Patrizia Mazzuoccolo;  a music journalist and as I understand a sometimes radio host for this type of material.
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“Mama Trash Family Artists” Vol. 1 by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Mama Trash Family Vol. 1”
Label: Independant
Release Date:
Genre: Gothic Hard Rock & Roll
Rating: 3.5/5

I’m not one who would really review an independent compilation CD but when I heard that Mama Trash would be issuing one to showcase a number of bands that she believed in I would definitely find the time to make an exception from this rule. So just who is Mama Trash, and why should the world listen to who she thinks are some bands that the world at large should be paying attention to? Very simply put – Mama Trash is someone who makes sure that she gets involved in the lives of the bands that she enjoys and via various promotional adventures both online and off she has built up a strong legion of believers and fans for these groups and herself. It was through these adventures that a mere mortal music fan named Jo Sheldon became the one and only Mama Trash. My own interaction with her had been at shows that The 69 Eyes were first doing in the US and since then there has been nothing but positive dealings. One has to admire the drive and interest that a person shows when they choose to release a very loaded CD such as this one. One can only hope that through this the very same bands that you enjoy yourself will reach new levels of success and exposure based on its existence. It is a gamble, but what facets of the music business aren’t these days. Let’s talk about the CD.
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“Soul In A Hole” by Mortiis

Artist: Mortiis
Title: “Soul In A Hole”
Label: Earache Records
Release Date:
Genre: Dark/Ambient/Industrial Metal
Rating: 3/5

Mortiis is a performer who totally shifted gears from his original beginnings as bassist for Black Metal titans Emperor. When he decided to go solo he would not follow in the footsteps of Isahn and company and instead pursued the Dark, Ambient and more Industrial side of the Metal world. This DVD captures a full concert of Mortiis, the group as they deliver a set that covers most of his releases, and is filmed in London, as a part of “The Unlimited Grudge” European Tour from 2004. As you watch, you will see Mortiis garbed in his garish outfit and goblins mask as the performer was rarely seen without it over the course of his career. He is quite energetic and bounds about the stage with fervor and intensity. The sound of this is good but like most Ambient and Industrial groups, they tend to follow certain grooves on a continuous basis. It can become boring for a non-fan who might watch this. Visually, this is very standard for a release and on the dark side in terms of lighting that is used. Lots of deep blues and reds, which make the effect a little less enjoyable. This stuff is great in a live sense and quite dramatic, but hardly comes across the same on a video in my opinion. Essentially, you need to be a fan of Mortiis to be anywhere near impressed by this as it’s the kind of release that is geared more to the core fan base. There are a lot of close up shots and side angles, and as the performance runs its course they inter-lace it with band footage taken from the dressing rooms as they band prepares for the performance or directly afterwards.
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Danzig @ Nokia Theatre Times Square (10/17/2005)

Logo - Danzig

Artist: Danzig
Venue: Nokia Theatre Times Square (New York, NY)
Opener: Behemoth, Chimaira, Mortiis
Date: 10/17/05
Label: Evil9

Labeled the “Blackest Of The Black” tour this show would have Glen Danzig taking to the stage once again and New York’s brand new Nokia Times Square Theatre would be the place to be. He would also have some very interesting Metal with him as Mortiis, The Agony Scene, Himsa, Behemoth and Chimaira made up the rest of the touring roster. I will speak on the venue separately a little later. Given the early start time I am sad to report that I missed both The Agony Scene and Mortiis but I did manage to catch a good amount of the Himsa set. They are not that bad from what I saw and while most of their material leans to the Metal-Core edge there is a sufficient “traditional” vibe being displayed in some of there songs. The crowd was not as good yet in terms of numbers but that was slowly growing and the shiny new floors of the club were soon to be scuffed by the moshing audience. Behemoth came up soon after and this would be the 3rd time that I will have seen them and I can attest that you do not have to be a Death Metal fan to enjoy the power and brutality that this band brings to the table. They are both impressive and imposing and tonight I felt they would be a hard act to follow no matter who was on the bill. They primarily showcased material from the CD “Demigod” and despite one technical glitch in the middle of the set they simply assaulted the audience note after note. Nergal is a great front man and in addition to the corpse paint that Behemoth already sports he comes out dressed as the Demigod late in their set. It adds a larger sense of drama to the performance and makes them a good choice as opener for Danzig and the material he lays down. Some of the tunes they performed were “Sculpting The Throne ov Seth”, “Demigod”, As Above So Below”, “Conquer All”, and “Anti-Christian”. I felt Behemoth knocked most of the people attending for a loop. This was the biggest US crowd that I had seen assembled for them and they performed accordingly.
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