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“Antikosmos” by Arckanum

Artist: Arckanum
Title: “Antikosmos”
Label: Moribund Records
Release Date: 9/9/2008
Style: Black Metal/Atmospheric Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

According to my references it has been about ten years since we had a studio album from the Swedish Black Metal stalwarts Arckanum and the bands mastermind Johan Lahger so that makes “Antikosmis” somewhat of an important event for the genre. I did go into this release with a little bit of a curiosity as back during their heyday I wasn’t really following the genre all that much. Yet as time progressed I found myself digging into the likes of Emperor, Immortal and Dimmu Borgir and from them all was able to better enjoy a powerful release such as this one. The band is led by Lahger, who goes by Shamaatae, and is a musician who holds an early association with a band that would become At The Gates eventually. It’s straight forward Black Metal with a lot of Atmospheric overtones and interestingly enough the entire piece is written in Old Swedish, so unless you speak the language don’t be thinking that you will be able to follow this one with any ease. Despite the language barrier this is right up the alley for those fans of Atmospheric Black Metal and especially other bands like Watain, and Darkthrone who deliver a more traditional style of the genre.
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“Toward The Castle” by Fear Of Eternity

Artist: Fear Of Eternity
Title: “Toward The Castle”
Label: Moribund Records
Release Date: 1/10/2006
Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal
Rating: 3/5

Atmospheric Black Metal is an interesting style to the genre for in most cases rather than blistering riffs you are brought into an often dismal and morose feeling world. The slow Doom/Funeral nature of this type of Metal is not for everyone but it clearly has a niche among the children of the Metal night. The vibe of Fear Of Eternity is essentially that of a long and dark journey down a secluded and lonely road. The album itself is a one man show with Andrea Tilenni playing all of the instruments and doing the vocals, and he truly pulls it off well with the recording. He has a very typical Black Metal style to his growl and there are no clean vocals to be found anywhere on the albums seven songs with the exception of some closing spoken words at the end of “The Valley Of Sadness”. The keyboards on the album stand out the most since they escalate or slow down the mood of the songs as each one merits. This is largely a slow record and without the changes in the keyboard expressions it came off to me as sounding very similar from track to track. Perhaps it was the theme of the album, or perhaps this is how the over all nature of this material is meant to be. There is not really much album art to speak of except a couple of bleak and brooding castle images on the inside fold out, no lyrics are provided which I would have liked to better understand where Tilenni was aiming with this record.
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