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Film Review: “Mad Monster Rally” Boxed Set with Morella

“Mad Monster Rally” with Morella

The “Mad Monster Rally” is a fun boxed set of films from Retromedia Studios and if you find yourself with a few sleepless nights well this is the perfect companion to help make this something that happens to you a little more often. Hosted by the beautiful Morella (your Horror Hostess with the Mostess), we get three separate volumes in this boxed set and each DVD deals with a specific angle and creature of the night. The titles delivered are “Sci-Fi Trash-O-Rama”, “Blood Vision” and “Spooktacular”. Each DVD holds three unique films from back in the day even though the box proclaims that there are a total of eight films in the set. Here is the official breakdown. I lightly touched upon each film as to not ruin any of the surprises for you folks at home.
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