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“Arockalypse” by Lordi

Artist: Lordi
Title: “Arockalypse”
Label: The End Records
Release Date: 3/20/2007
Genre: Monster Metal
Rating: 4/5

“Do not adjust your television for this is not a drill. Attention people of Earth! There is an immediate cause for alarm and panic as danger awaits you at every turn and with every note that Lordi and his Monster Metal Mates bring forth on The Arockalypse!” There is no doubt that by the look of them that this is a band that will have the scores of Emo groups running for shelter or their Mommies and with good reason for Lordi looks like some cryptic amalgam of KISS meets GWAR on a very bad day. I’m serious – DEAD serious, about the intense look of this band with such detailed “costumes” and image. One would think that Rick Baker was on the bands payroll or maybe they are the real deal. I know I am not going to be the one to pull on this beard to check for authenticity. Musically, the band owes more to the classic years of Hard Rock as opposed to any form of Extreme, Black or Death Metal and with their anthem “Hard Rock Hallelujah”, you can be rest assured that they are taking no prisoners as they begin their infiltration. The group has been around since about 1996 but it was during the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest that Lordi would truly set the world on its ear. The contest is a sort of American Idol among participating countries in the European Broadcasting Union where they all vote on the participants from each region. The Finnish entry was Lordi and his group of Monsters and they ended up winning by a landslide vote. As result of this win, both the contest and the world would never be the same again and that is actually a good thing. There is nothing like a little Heavy Metal music to stir up the pot every now and again.
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