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PiercingMetal Goes To The Gibson Emerging Artist Showcase @ Gibson Studios

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As much as I love vacations, the aspect of them seems to have eluded me of late and the closest I seem to get are those little moments of respite that fall outside of the normal scenarios that I often find myself adventuring into. Thanks to my good friend in music media, Christa Titus, the Piercing One would tonight be taking a breather from all of the Heavy Metal indulgence that I had been undertaking. It was needed to say the least and came right after the killer performance by Stratovarius & Pagan’s Mind that was last night over at the Nokia Theater. This brief excursion into “normalcy” would be a perfect lead into the next couple of days since tomorrow I had planned to see Stryper over at The Fillmore NY and if I could maneuver between time efficiently, both the Chris Caffery performance and Gwynbleidd one on the same day the Saturday which followed.

Gibson New Music Showcase Invite

This evening’s fun was held at the Gibson Studios and this was a place that I had never been to before so I was rather excited about getting to explore it a little. It was also nice to be the guest of someone else for a change as that seldom happens. The purpose of the event was to deliver a good time and very good music in this Emerging Artist Showcase. There were four bands by my count and among them were Heavy Road, The Shells, Zigmat and Dynasty Electric. When we walked into the Gibson Studios we learned that the food and beverages were on one side and that the bands were performing in the main studio out in the rooms center. They had some passages of the offices blocked off and that was a little bit of a shame since there were cool guitars hanging up and I would have loved to take a few more photos of them. Here is a view of one of the hallways, sorry I couldn’t get a better angle.
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