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PiercingMetal Talks To Ashmedi & Moloch of Melechesh (11/18/2006)

Logo - Melechesh

Artist: Melechesh
Label: The End Records
Interviewed By: Ken Pierce, Editor In Chief
Date: 11/18/2006

Melechesh: The Masters Of Sumerian Thrashing Black Metal – The music Melechesh delivers is bone crushing Black Metal, but instead of Symphonic or Theatrical adventures the band reaches deep into the mystical nature of the Mesopotamian region. Their focus employs both Middle Eastern riffs and textures which give the listener a Metal experience that they are not soon to forget. It is thunderous and yet very intelligent and most certainly will intrigue those who seek something “more” than the usual in terms of Metal music. On assignment for Metal Edge magazine, I met with the band when they came to New York City for the very first time to do press for their latest release “Emissaries”. It was great to meet Ashmedi (guitarist, founder, vocalist and band mastermind) and Moloch to discuss the band, the new album and their views on many things Metal. Based on print considerations the interview was edited down for use in Metal Edge and can be seen in their March 2007 issue. Since you have been able to enjoy that article we are now able to present to you readers the complete and unedited interview that we did. Read on.

PiercingMetal: So gentlemen, how would you say that you are enjoying the visit so far?

Ashmedi: I like it, but I like coming to the States in general because it feels good here and I get along with the people. Its been very productive for us these last few days as there has been a lot of media interest in the USA which is a good thing because already in Europe the album is exploding. The media attention is just great. We are glad to be doing this in the States as well.

Moloch: Yeah it is pretty much the same feeling from me, and it’s great to be meeting the people from our label in the States and getting to know the people more and to discuss our future plans.

PiercingMetal: Let’s talk a little about personal origins; what did you both find inspirational as musicians when you started playing music in the first place

Ashmedi: Well with Melechesh…….

PiercingMetal: Let’s discuss before Melechesh.

Ashmedi: I had actually been playing in other bands before that for years and I have been a Metal fan for a long time, since I was at a very young age and not that I am that old now, I did start out at a young age. At the time, I was very influenced by general Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal. Now I tend to be very broad based in what I listen to. So if the music is done with a lot of conviction and feeling then I am attracted to it perhaps. When I started Melechesh it was around the time I was very interested in Bathory’s album “The Return” but I still was consciously wanting to do something with Middle Eastern patterns so there you have it, Melechesh is raw Black Metal with Middle Eastern touches you know.
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“Emissaries” by Melechesh

Artist: Melechesh
Title: “Emissaries”
Label: The End Records
Release Date: 1/23/2007
Genre: Middle Eastern Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

The year was 1993 and the City was Jerusalem where the formation of Melechesh: Sumerian Thrashing Black Metal first came to life. The project was envisioned by singer/guitarist/mystic Ashmedi who found the subject matter both compelling and interesting and something that must be brought to life in the Metal community. Rooted firmly in Black Metal, Melechesh also offered something else and that was the elements of Middle Eastern time signatures and musical vibe. The end result would become the self-titled brand of music called Mesopotamian Metal and for those that were also interested in this brand it would be Melechesh who would lead the charge. Their new release “Emissaries” gives the listener some intense Sumerian Black Metal Thrash with incredibly powerful drumming and guitar work. The two work closely together and sound more like partners that rhythm and lead sections of the music. This feel comes from the fact that Ashmedi also writes the drumming that he wants to accompany his riffs. When you add in his shrieking vocal growls you are taken to a different world of Metal and it’s a very quick introduction that you will find when the album delivers “Rebirth Of The Nemesis”. Drummer Xul is almost super human on the kit and will surely impress all fans of the blast beats on the piece. Yet, this is not all that his playing involves. Ashmedi is an inspired writer on this recording and this will most probably exceed the expectations of the bands fans who claim how their release “Sphinx” was the signature recording. Despite its style it’s not as over the top with the ethnic feels as to isolate listeners and there is enough traditional Black Metal vibe with a twist of mysticism to make the curious take to this and enjoy it. Rounding out the band is guitarist Moloch and bassist Al Hazred. Hazred also provides keyboard work as needed.
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