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PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2011: Chapter Three

Here we are again and while I thanked you readers for hitting us up on the second chapter of this adventure I want to do so once again. As you might recall with our Comic Con coverage, the bigger the event, the better it is to break it up into several chapters so you can easily digest what you saw and not be overloaded. With that being the case here is chapter three of our exploration into Toy Fair 2011. I hope we make you feel as though you wandered the aisles as well.

First up for this chapter are the folks at Mobo which is a three wheeled cruiser. What a wonderful looking thing this is. In one sense it reminded me of the Big Wheel (remember that???) but it’s far different and appears to be for more than just children. If I had sufficient property space around me I would probably see about getting one but I am too deep in the city with limited room for such a fun conveyance. Pete snared a bunch of photos of the different ones and it was a very strong looking thing. Check them out.

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