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“Happy 70th Birthday” To KISS’ Gene Simmons “The Demon” (8/25/2019)

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Greetings my Friends, I just wanted to take a moment out of the regular course of your day to remind you that today is the birthday of the great Gene Simmons of KISS. Yep, the bassist was born in Haifa, Israel on August 25th, 1949 making today his 70th Birthday. To that I think its acceptable for all of us to say “Mazel Tov” 🙂 The photo I added to this wish was snapped by me just the other day when the band performed at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for the first time event. As you can see, he is not slowing down in his senior years at all. It was a mind-blowing show it and you will learn all about it in my upcoming concert review and gallery. Stay tuned for that.

kiss, gene simmons, photos of kiss, photos of gene simmons
KISS’s Gene Simmons @ Barclays Center (2019) by Ken Pierce

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t think that I need to remind the readership of PiercingMetal that KISS is my very favorite band of all time and that Gene is my favorite member of the group that he co-founded with Paul Stanley, “The Starchild” so many years ago. Gene is an icon in the music industry despite some critics and has shown the world the endless possibilities in branding and what is open to do with ones creative works. The images of KISS are found everywhere and especially in the comic books like in the just announced new series coming from Dynamite Entertainment called “KISS: Zombies”. You can bet your sweet bippy that I will be snagging that when it hits the racks of the local comic book store. For more of Gene’s overall life story you can refer to the link to his Wikipedia entry down below because there is too much to write. We just wanted to make sure to wish him a “Happy Birthday” and to remind our readers about the remaining dates on the “End Of The Road” World Tour. That stuff can be examined by clicking the highlighted text. See you again and I hope you had a great birthday Gene.

Official Websites:
KISS: http://www.kissonline.com
Gene Simmons: http://www.genesimmons.com
Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gene_Simmons

Happy 70th Birthday To Johnny Winter (2/23/2014)

Someone is having a very special milestone of a birthday today and yes you are correct it is the one and only Mr. Johnny Winter, a guitar legend among guitar legends. On behalf of the PiercingMetal readers and myself, I would like to say “Happy Birthday Sir”

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Usually I would just post a single photo on the PiercingMetal Facebook but this is a special one and hence gets its own posting on our Blog. Johnny and his band are actually performing later on this evening at B.B. King Blues Club for the final show of what they call “Winter In Winter”. I plan on being there to raise a glass in his honor that’s for sure and you readers at home can count on a full report on the proceedings. Just in case you don’t have a fair mental appreciation of his body of work, I have embedded several links that are worth checking out. They will follow his official website.

Official Website: http://www.johnnywinter.com/