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This Just In: Nuclear Blast Records Signs Riot V

Fans of the band Riot will be chomping at the bit at the news of their inclusion onto the awesome roster of Nuclear Blast Records artists. Check out the press release below. I’ll add some closing editorial at the end.

The Press Release:
NUCLEAR BLAST are proud to announce the signing of cult New York Heavy Metal band RIOT V, who will be inducted into the prestigious Heavy Metal History Hall of Fame 2018! Hardly any other metal act has such a long, absorbing history behind it. Since the quintet formed in 1975 they have been hit by several severe strokes of fate during their long career. With Rhett Forester (R.I.P. 1994), Guy Speranza (R.I.P. 2003) and Mark Reale (R.I.P. 2012) – three deceased members have left their mark on the four decades of RIOT’s band history.

Since their legendary debut album “Rock City” (1977), RIOT has released numerous heavy metal classics, including “Fire Down Under” (with classics like “Swords And Tequila”), their masterpiece “Thundersteel” (1988), and the unforgotten “The Privilege Of Power”(1990).

After the death of Mark Reale and the departure of Tony Moore, Todd Michael Hall (from Michigan, USA), completed the line-up of the band, which in the meantime performed under the name of RIOT V under the auspices of the two long term members and main songwriters Donnie van Stavern (bass) and Mike Flyntz (guitar). With the critically acclaimed “Unleash The Fire” (2014), a pure power metal jewel once again underlined the musical importance and influence of the quintet.

Many artists name-check RIOT as an important influence of their musical career and have paid tribute to the power metal godfathers on multiple occasions. The list is long and includes several well-known acts such as HAMMERFALL (‘Flight Of The Warrior’), Luca Turilli’s RHAPSODY (‘Thundersteel’), AXEL RUDI PELL (‘Warrior’) and newcomers such as NIGHT DEMON (‘Road Racin’), ALPHA TIGER (‘Flight Of The Warrior’), SAVAGE MASTER (‘Swords And Tequila’) and STALLION (‘Rock City’).

“RIOT V is proud to announce our union with the mighty Nuclear Blast label! Two true metal visionaries meet to unleash an assault on all you metal warriors of the world! Its really awesome to be on “THE” metal label and have so much respect and excitement between us. We are in great hands and it’s always nice to have a mutual vision of what this band needs to be thrust back onto the metal battlefield and with our thousands of metal soldiers supporting and fighting with us. This will be the start of a great relationship – and it doesn’t hurt that some of the Nuclear Blast staff are long-time fans! Now let’s start a riot! Shine On!”, commented Don van Stavern.

RIOT V are busy recording the follow up to the highly acclaimed come back record “Unleash The Fire”, which entered the Hard Rock 100 Billboard charts at #75 and Rolling Stone Magazine gives it a 4/5 rating, while most media including Burrn!, Rock Hard and Aardshock dubbed it album of the year! The new disc will be released in spring 2018 and production duties will be handled by producer whiz Chris “The Wizard” Collier (METAL CHURCH, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, SLIPKNOT, KORN a.o.).

The new songs promises to please fans of the “Thundersteel”-era of RIOT, as main song writer and long time Mark Reale music collaborator Don Van Stavern undertakes a lot of the writing as he did on “Thundersteel”, “The Privilege of Power” and the latest offering “Unleash The Fire”. Don van Stavern adds: “This next offering will please long time fans and create new ones, as the material is fresh and Power Metal at it’s finest.”

RIOT V truly are metal soldiers and will keep marching and fighting the good fight to bring you the music you’ve come to know, love and expect from RIOT V. In addition, RIOT V will return to Europe for some live shows in December.

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: Truth be told I wasn’t really following Riot back in the day as a regular study but liked what I would hear when I heard it. Too many albums had gone by me to find me sinking the time backward but like I said, I did always enjoy what I knew. I caught the band during a NYC visit a few years ago around the time that founder Reale was at death’s door and while the band kicked serious ass it was a room filled with a very solemn vibe. Mark left us that same week and I was glad that the band decided to maintain course and keep the music reaching more and more fans. I might have been late to the party but I am sure interested in what their soon to be revealed songs are like. What do you readers think about this new signing by Nuclear Blast Records? Are you excited at all? Let me know down in the comments section below.

Official Website: http://www.areyoureadytoriot.com/

Riot @ B.B. King Blues Club (1/18/2012)

There was going to be a Riot in NYC this evening and I am speaking about the legendary NYC Metal band that goes by that name who were set on delivering the goods for their ardent fans tonight at B.B. King Blues Club. I’ve never seen them before so I was rather excited to see what it was all about because my friends had been fans for years. The down side was that founding guitarist Mark Reale had been admitted to the hospital only days before the tour began and was reportedly in critical condition due to the effects of Crohn’s disease. We sure wish him the best and applauded the band for not cancelling the shows for the fans. To check out the full concert report and see some photos just scroll on down past the bands logo below.

Artist: Riot
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club (New York, NY)
Opener: Gothic Knights, Arctic Flame
Date: 1/18/2012
Label: SPV Records

My interest level was high when I learned that the legendary New York Metal band Riot was going to be playing one of my favorite concert venues after never having done so before. Well, I will admit that this is to the best of my knowledge because I’ve only been reviewing shows at this establishment since 2004 and I don’t recall my missing a show like that. I had to admit that even though I grew up enjoying many of the same bands that my friends do, I was less than informed about this bands stuff. My only real exposure to them was with the album “The Privilege Of Power” which was one of their later efforts and morphed them more into a Power Metal band than a traditional Heavy Metal one. Since I had never seen them before this would be an exciting show to both my ears and eyes and it was honestly very cool to be right up front in such intimate quarters as this venue allows. There was a serious downside to this gig as the bands founding guitarist Mark Reale would not be making the journey and had been hospitalized only a few days before the show due to complications from Crohn’s disease. It had to be hard on the band to do this without him but they apparently had his blessing to do it.
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