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Tonight: “Fear The Walking Dead” Season 2 Premiere (4/10/2016)

Hey readers are you watching that prequel series to “The Walking Dead” called “Fear The Walking Dead” at all? I gave some of the first season a go but more on that later. The show was renewed for a second season and I guess will move us closer to the world that many find themselves glued to each and every week when it airs. That second season has its premiere tonight on the AMC network. Here is the shows poster along with the premise and casting. As usual I will chime in at the close.

The Premise: The season follows a dysfunctional, blended family composed of high school guidance counselor Madison Clark, her English teacher boyfriend Travis Manawa, her daughter Alicia, her drug-addicted son Nick, Travis’ son Chris from a previous marriage, and others who join their group at the onset of the zombie apocalypse. (thanks Wiki).
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