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“Legend” by Abigail Williams

Artist: Abigail Williams
Title: “Legend”
Label: Candlelight Records
Release Date: 1/23/2007
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Rising from the sands of Phoenix, Arizona come Abigail Williams, who on their impressive 5-song EP showcase a level of Metal intensity that one expects more from the European providers than from any band that has formed in the States. My reason for saying this is based on the bands use and skillful blending of traditional Norwegian Black Metal, twists of Swedish Gothenburg and the blistering intensity of Hardcore that is often found in the US’s own export – Metalcore. All these styles together might sound weird to you yet the band makes it work and shows just how exciting the results can be when these are mixed together with some sense of purpose. Singer Ken Sorceron growls his way through the EP like a maniacal cross between Dani Filth and Shagrath and perhaps this is what gets them compared to the likes of Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir on opener “From A Buried Heart”. I have to say that the drumming led me to think more of Dark Tranquility and the overall musical presence on the recording while Black and Extreme lends a lot of its appeal in the Gothenburg aspect. Guitars are handled by Brad Riffs and Elias in on the drums and unrelenting. There is effective use of keyboards by a young lady named Ellyllon and her input successfully kicks this up a notch for the group by their holding a very classical and majestic base on the tracks where the instrument comes off as most prevalent (“Like Carrion Birds” and “The Conqueror Wyrm” specifically). I was glad to hear Ken and company sing with some clean vocals as well and hope this is used more going forward as the genre is changing and finding more place for the dual vocals in the mix nowadays. Perhaps their coming full-length album will find the lovely Ellyllon offering some vocal support and give this band an added push in terms of dynamic and possibility.
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“Reinkaos” by Dissection

Artist: Dissection
Title: “Reinkaos”
Label: The End Records
Release Date: 5/16/2006
Genre: Melodic Black Metal
Rating: 4/5

Dissection would return with more of their Black Metal, or self-named “Anti Cosmic Metal Of Death” after an 11 year absence from the music world. The long absence was due to singer/guitarist Jon Nodtveidt having been sent to prison for murder and all the while his fans waited anxiously for his return. The time away from the scene as a whole seemed to change the song-writing style of the musician, for while his subject matter would still deal with the same premise the overall music style would hold a drastic change. The results found on “Reinkaos” are intense but not in a blistering riff blaze of speed but instead heavy, driving riffs that work well alongside bands like Soilwork and At The Gates. While there might be skeptics to this change of direction, I had to admit that I found myself immersed in songs like “Black Dragon” and “Beyond The Horizon” and think many others will be able to do the same. Yes the songs have a lot more melodic content than they ever had before, but on top of this the talent of Nodtveidt is very visible. “Starless Aeon” is also a favorite as the track is borderline Power Metal and I admire his ability to take this brand of genre and mix it so well with ones own established ideas. Nodtveidt shows his allegiance to the Dark Gods with “God Of Forbidden Light” and even delivers a tasty instrumental piece in the title track “Rainkaos”. It’s a song that shows how technical a guitar player Jon was and I think will make the non-believer realize how much a better musician he actually was. The closing track is not bad, but perhaps a little too commercial for a band like Dissection to have released, and that track is “Maha Kali”. This is a must have release as its excellent, and if you are not stuck in the bands past and can allow them to move forward then you will enjoy their new styles and interpretations very much.
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