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“Woodland Prattlers” by Mechanical Poet

Artist: Mechanical Poet
Title: “Woodland Prattlers”
Label: Aural Music
Release Date: 2004
Genre: Progressive Orchestral Metal
Rating: 8/10

Progressive metal has a new ally in the band Mechanical Poet. This group has taken a pretty unique and seldom used approach to their debut release entitled “Woodland Prattlers”. They choose to mix lush orchestration and different vocal styling all over the record. It is also labeled as the original comic book score, so there is a booklet to go along with this which I was not provided with (a shame since I love that stuff). Fans of the type of music that Dream Theater performs will most likely enjoy this most for it employs a number of the things that those folks lean towards. It was difficult in one sense to describe this other than to simply say it is very easy to enjoy and I found myself taking repeat listens. If you like Progressive and yearn for some difference this might actually do the trick for you.
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