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On Shelves: McFarlane Toys “Game Of Thrones” Action Figures

As some of our readers might recall, PiercingMetal saw the “Game Of Thrones” action figures that would be coming care of McFarlane Toys back during February’s Toy Fair event. Now, I am happy to announce that these same figures are available for purchase and ready to sit proudly among your other collectibles. Take a read down below to the full press release.

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The Press Release:
To celebrate the final season of the worldwide hit HBO® series Game of Thrones®, McFarlane Toys’ Game of Thrones action figures and dragons have hit retailers nationwide.

Game of Thrones fans can bring home their favorite characters and dragons, recreate iconic scenes and show loyalty to their favorite house with McFarlane Toys release of these realistic and highly detailed 6-inch scale action figures, as well as a deluxe box set of fan-favorite Game of Thrones characters including Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen, the Night King, Arya Stark and Viserion the Ice Dragon.

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Exploring The Toy Insider’s “Holiday Of Play” 2018

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For the last couple of years I’ve been announcing that I had attended the “Holiday Of Play” which is the fine folks over at The Toy Insider’s annual holiday event. It’s smaller in scale than their also annual “Sweet Suite” but its at this event where they outline the absolute winners in their eyes in terms of the holiday gift guides. Generally, I end up covering the event over on “The Chronicles Of Piercing Ken” website since a lot of the stuff is for a younger audience and while I do feature a lot of “Toys & Collectibles” in our category for such things, the cutesy or cuddly dolls and accessories are better suited over there. This year it’s a little different based on The Toy Insider launching “The Pop Insider” which was discussed HERE. This website and occasional magazine will focus on many of the same things I write about so the items that fall into the regular space I keep will be shared in this post. It will be fun, I promise. Let’s go.

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McFarlane Toys & Skybound Reveal SDCC 2017 Exclusive “The Walking Dead” Set

The Comic Con International: San Diego will be happening in the middle of July and since I am seeing a number of exclusive items that will be available at the convention, I wanted to share as many of them as I could. As you all know, we regularly attend the Toy Fair convention and see a lot of awesome companies which makes me happy to share the skinny on the collaboration that McFarlane Toys and Skybound will be offering to consumers. It’s a group of “The Walking Dead” characters done in the vintage-style packaging of the 3.75″ G.I. Joe’s. They are calling them “The Shiva Force”, and they are “A Real Apocalypse Hero” which I had to chuckle when I saw that. The figures are as follows Rick Grimes, Michonne, Ezekiel and Shiva (the tiger) in his action figure debut. According to what I am reading these figures are inspired by G.I. Joe Tiger Force, and they are painted to match the look. I used to collect these G. I. Joe’s but have no recall of The Tiger Force. Perhaps I missed those ones. Anyway here is some press and the images. I will close out with some editorial as well. Behold!

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The Press Release:
Skybound and McFarlane Toys bring you the most epic action figures of the summer. Straight out of an 80’s action flashback comes Shiva Force. This exclusive four figure gift-box features Rick Grimes, Michonne, Ezekiel and Shiva (action figure debut), featuring new Shiva Force paint deco. Each 5” tall figure is also individually packaged on a vintage styled card back with new painted artwork by Jason Edmiston. The Walking Dead Shiva Force four figure gift-box is available in regular color version and a bloody variant. These gift-boxes are limited to 1000 copies each and are priced at $100. Keep an eye out for Shiva Force’s secret fifth member, Jesus! He’s only available in The Megabox from Skybound. Fans can sign up for the summer Megabox online now.

mcfarlane toys, the walking dead, shiva force, skybound entertainment, sdcc exclusives
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McFarlane Toys Lands License For New “Star Trek: Discovery” Series & More

Folks who’ve been reading our explorations of the American International Toy Fair convention each year know full well that we are BIG fans of the folks at McFarlane Toys and always make it a point to see what they have coming out when we catch up with them at their booth. This news arrived recently from their offices and since its some super cool stuff I am sharing it with you now. Check it out.

The Press Release:
Tempe, Ariz., Stardate – May 22, 2017 – McFarlane Toys has signed a toy license deal with CBS Consumer Products to create figures, role play weapons and accessories for the new Star Trek: Discovery television series. In addition, McFarlane Toys will also create merchandise from the entire Star Trek universe, ranging from the iconic classic television series Star Trek: The Original Series to the legendary films.

The initial line will highlight two of the most iconic characters in the Star Trek universe with articulated 7-inch figures of U.S.S. Enterprise Captain James T. Kirk from Star Trek: The Original Series and U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D Captain Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. These figures will debut in window box collector packaging and feature iconic accessories such as phasers and communicators. Various characters from the highly-anticipated Star Trek: Discovery television series and other adaptations will follow.

“Star Trek is hands down one of the most groundbreaking and innovative franchises in the history of entertainment,” said Todd McFarlane, Owner and CEO of McFarlane Toys. “We plan on carrying that forward with our upcoming toy lines, giving fans a fresh and detailed look, that their favorite characters deserve.”
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Exploring Toy Fair 2016: McFarlane Toys, Mythic Legions and IAmElemental

Hello and welcome back to another of our Toy Fair 2016 narratives. This one is rather special to me because it features not one, not two but three different awesome companies that I browsed at this years event. Let’s start with the stuff that I caught a glimpse of at the McFarlane Toys booth.


I’ve loved McFarlane Toys since they first started releasing the action figures that let you play out the adventures of Spawn and his various adversaries.  There is a box somewhere in my collections with a few of these early action figures but they are not mint on card at all.  I needed to open these things.  Check out the new Mini Spawn.  I gotta get myself one of these.

mcfarlane toys, toy fair 2016

Though I am not much for collecting the statues that get released I do love looking at them.  For me its a space issue and that I don’t have the best way to present them to those visiting my domicile.  I know friends that have set aside small room and loaded them up with shelves to best showcase this kind of stuff and I highly recommend that this wonderful Medieval Spawn be added to the collection.

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