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Marvel Comics’ Latest “True Believers” Issues Say “May The 4th Be With You”

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away – a great adventure took place…This adventure also gave birth to one of the biggest and most successful financial licenses known to mankind and I am speaking of none other than the mighty juggernaut that is “Star Wars” which came to us from the creative mind of George Lucas. Since that bygone year of 1977, the original film has spawned numerous sequels and prequels, offered the world hundreds and hundreds of action figures and then there are the comic books. Marvel Comics took over the license a few years ago and has been delivering some great stuff since and with this “May The 4th Be With You” day are adding a whole batch of these titles to their “True Believers” line which we have spoken highly about in the past on the website. These titles are the exact same issue that was previously on the stands and sell for the incredible savings of $1. They are the perfect way to get a new reader into comic books and make a perfect present. Check out the covers for these issues and which ones will be coming out this month. Make sure to let your retailer know to save you these for your monthly pull list because at this price they most certainly will sell out fast. Here we go.

True Believers - Star Wars #1
True Believers – Star Wars #1

TRUE BELIEVERS: STAR WARS #1: Reprinting STAR WARS (2015) #1

True Believers - Star Wars Darth Vader #1
True Believers – Star Wars Darth Vader #1

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