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“Angel Maker” by Burn In Silence

Artist: Burn In Silence
Title: “Angel Maker”
Label: Prosthetic Records
Release Date: 7/25/2006
Genre: Melodic Metalcore
Rating: 3.5/5

Burn In Silence will instantly win over a lot of fans with their Prosthetic Records debut “Angel Maker” for the album is a cornucopia of styles and heaviness that are all very relevant in today’s music scene. The crushingly heavy record offers blast-beat drumming along with the pre-requisite growling singer along with intense levels of guitar riffs. While it could have remained a solid effort at that, the band also changes up the mix a little bit by offering a strong melodic vocal and harmonies to many of the songs. This adds additional strength to their musical power and it’s a bit in line with what their label mates All That Remains have done with their new album “The Fall Of Ideals”. The difference in the two bands is defined by Burn In Silence use of the keyboards and piano on the recording. This helps them stand out a little more than some of the other Melodic Metalcore bands. They help to lead the charge in the genre by trying this out and show levels of progression over their peers as opposed to those who choose to merely hold the reins tight and refuse change. The six-member lineup consists of Chris Harrel (vocals), Mike Casavant (guitar), Alan Glassman (guitar), Darren Cesca (drums), Max Lavelle (bass) and Ben Schulkin (keyboards) – to their credit the large membership does not trip over itself on the recording and instead all seem to compliment each other very well. The albums title “Angel Maker” according to Casavant, “is a play on words about a guy who is killing people but at the same time is making Angels”. The track is also one of the more brutal aspects of the release. This sense of duality is present across much of the album as the band aims to separate themselves from the crop of similar bands and showcase that they are something fresh and different on a number of levels. Songs that stood out for me right off the bat was opener “Lines From An Epitaph”, “The Age In Which Tomorrow Brings” and “Watching Dead Leaves Fall”; the reasoning for each would be with the intricacy of the first track, the potential for a hit in the second and the unique piano Outro of the third. Each of these songs gives you a fair sampling of the overall sound of the band.
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