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Me Talk Pretty & Madina Lake @ Gramercy Theatre (12/18/2011)

Artist: Me Talk Pretty
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Madina Lake, Shinobi Ninja, Man Of Earth, New Year’s Day
Date: 12/19/2011
Label: Universal Music

I will admit that I was barely able to move after the previous evening’s Twisted Sister show and that made sense since their brand of a Christmas show is unlike any that you will experience. Of course you will have to read that report should you want more of the details. All in it made the idea of even leaving the couch something of a ridiculous notion much less attending one more concert. Still, I managed to “man up” as they say and headed into this strangely early starting event. It was being held at the Gramercy Theatre and the headliner was NYC’s own Me Talk Pretty. The other acts on the bill were Man On Earth, Shinobi Ninja and Madina Lake. I think there was a swap out with some other band but I was not there on time to see the very first group hit the stage. I walked in while the guys in Man On Earth were playing, and they had a very accessible sounding Alternative Rock to them and while they were tight this is not the kind of stuff that I focus much on these days. The audience did seem to enjoy them but as this was early in the night there was not yet much of a crowd assembled. Next up was Shinobi Ninja.
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“The Disappearance Of Adalia” by Madina Lake

Artist: Madina Lake
Title: “The Disappearance Of Adalia”
Label: Independant
Release Date: 8/22/2006
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 3/5

You will not always find twin Brothers in Rock bands these days and I think the last time it was done was with Nelson but thankfully, the guys in Madina Lake deliver a little heavier brand of Melodic Rock on their debut EP. The origins of the band began in 2004 when the brothers had a set vision on what they wanted to do musically and also their mutual desire to see Matthew’s short story come to life via the music that they played. Matthew had penned a tale about a town nestled between the mountains called “Madina Lake”. It’s a town of secrets and socio-political nuances and it is all brought to life with Poppy and catchy riffs and melodic harmony vocals. There were points on the EP that reminded me a little of the band Breaking Point, while others slightly had me think of The Outfield based on the keys the guys were hitting. It’s a tasty EP and it actually serves the listener as a teaser for their full-length Roadrunner Records debut.
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