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Alex Skolnick Trio Announces “Europe Unbound” Tour 2017

Earlier today I saw some posts going around about the “Europe Unbound” by the incredible Alex Skolnick Trio. Now you might recall his name as being associated with the mighty Testament and most recently as a part of the Metal Allegiance supergroup and did you know that Alex was also one of the original touring company members for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra? Suffice it to say he is an incredibly talented musician and author and teacher of all manners of guitar wizardry and that makes me more than happy to share what is probably one of my very first European tour announcements. Dig into the poster and yon dates.

The Dates & Venues:
01 March: Southampton, England – Talking Heads
02 March: Chesterfield, England – Realtime Music
03 March: Glasgow, Scotland – Audio
04 March: Birmingham, England – Flapper
05 March: London, England – Pizza Express
07 March: Karlsruhe, Germany – Jubez
08 March: Nancy, France – MAI France
09 March: Fürth, Germany – Kofferfabrik
10 March: Passau, Germany – Museum Café
11 March: Habach, Germany – Village
12 March: Frauental, Austria – Bluegarage
13 March: Vienna, Austria – Reigen
14 March: Budapest, Hungary – Dürer Kert : Room041
16 March: Prague, Czech Republic – Agharta
17 March: Reichenbach/Vogtland, Germany – Bergkeller
18 March: Nordhausen, Germany – Cyriaci-Kapelle Nordhausen
19 March: Roma, Italy – Planet Live
21 March: Copenhagen, Denmark – Stengade
22 March: Milano, Italy – The Blue Note Milano
24 March: Larvik, Norway – Guitar Festival
26 March: Gävle, Sweden – CC Pub
28 March: Fehmarn, Germany – Cafe Liebevoll
29 March: Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
30 March: Bremen, Germany – Kito
31 March: Dortmund, Germany – Piano
01 April: Tilburg, Netherlands – Paradox

*** end of notice ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Obviously we cannot be a part of any of these shows unless one of our supporters has several thousand dollars to toss our way and doesn’t need it back at all so that is where you come in as readers of the website in those foreign lands. It is up to you to let us know just how awesome they were during this run of dates. I’ve caught The Trio on numerous occasions over the years and it always impresses me so if you have yet to add this notch to your musical belt then be sure to hit one of these gigs. The Alex Skolnick Trio are Alex, Matt Zebroski and Nathan Peck. What do you think of this notice overall? Should we do more of them when performers we are most passionate about are hitting the road in other parts of the world? Let me know in the comments section below. See you next time.

Official Website: http://www.alexskolnick.com

Alex Skolnick Trio @ The Knitting Factory (4/13/2007)

It’s clear to many that Alex Skolnick is a very busy guitarist because not only is he a founding member of Bay Area Thrashers Testament, but he also is a regular member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. When he is not delivering smoldering Metal or Holiday Cheer he is kicking it back with his Jazz Trio. We caught them at a performance in NYC recently and those who wish to see more can scroll past the logo below.

Logo - Alex Skolnick Trio

Artist: Alex Skolnick Trio
Venue: The Knitting Factory (New York, NY)
Opener: Kelly Rudick
Date: 4/13/2007
Label: Magnatude Records

Tonight was going to be something different and a welcome change at that from all the non-stop Metal events that have been passing through New York City. By now I am sure that every Metal fan on the planet knows that Alex Skolnick, legendary Testament guitar slinger and member of the juggernaut known as the Trans-Siberian Orchestra has a Jazz trio. Simply labeled The Alex Skolnick Trio, these guys deliver quite a treat for all fans of music and not only the jazz contingent. Alex and Company first gained notoriety for taking Heavy Metal classics such as “Detroit Rock City” and “No One Like You” and morphing them around with a unique and competent Jazz twist. A crazy idea one would think at first but when you hear it recorded and then witness it live you see just how well it actually works. In 2002, the Trio released their first album “Goodbye To Romance: Standards For A New Generation” and it primarily focused on the cover renditions with a couple of originals thrown in for good measure. Fast forward to 2007 on this Friday the 13th where the group would be performing a special set at the intimate Tap Bar section of the Knitting Factory. This is the club beneath the main space and it offers the perfect setting for a group like this and allows you to be right up close to the action if you choose to do so. I caught Green Carnation here when they passed through and for certain groups this is a great space to perform on. Tonight would be a special gig as I said because they were celebrating the release of their third CD entitled “Last Day In Paradise”.
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