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“Allies” The Musical: Stage Script Reading @ Blvd NYC (1/26/2009)

As I have lined out before, we are aiming to use the PiercingMetal Musings blog to document the other adventures that we undertake in the entertainment world and thus far it has worked out rather well in that regard. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to my first-ever script reading by my friend Celina Carvajal who I know based on her being friends with the lead singer of the band Cocaine. She and Coco could be twins that were seperated at birth if one of them dressed up glam and used about four cans of hairspray and makeup, but I digress. The show was called “Allies”, and it would feature a healthy amount of music from the band Heart. Me and some friends headed down to the reading and I had to admit that I was not sure what to expect of it. We used our existing site template for Events since it allowed me to present my commentary, our photo gallery and the songs that the show featured. Please join me by scrolling past the performance graphic below and enjoy.

Photo - Allies The Musical

Tonight’s adventure would be a part of my never ending quest to find something interesting to do with my time and fortunately as a New Yorker this is a lot easier to do than it is not. My presence here began with some email announcements about the script reading of a developing musical called “Allies” and the show would feature music that was originally performed by the band Heart. Having seen them perform over the summer of 2008 and being a long time fan of their sound I admitted to being intrigued rather quickly. Here is the information that I was sent about the official reading, and this was posted on their website for all to see.

allies the musical, allies the musical stage script reading photos
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