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Children Of Bodom @ Irving Plaza (12/14/2005)

children of bodom logo

Artist: Children Of Bodom
Venue: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Opener: Amon Amarth, Trivium
Date: 12/14/2005
Label: Spinefarm Records

If you have been paying attention to the shirts you see at Metal shows these days you will definitely notice a large amount of them seem to be for Children Of Bodom. No matter what show I am attending I seem to find the design for this band in the dozens and given the number of bands today this is something that stands out. If you were lucky enough to catch Dimmu Borgir or Iced Earth when they last toured in the States then you are well aware of how exciting this group is in the live sense. Tonight they would be supporting their latest effort “Are You Dead Yet?” which comes to us care of Spinefarm Records. Joining them for this sold-out tour would be Metal Blade’s own Viking Warriors Amon Amarth and Roadrunners latest rising stars Trivium. I made sure to get there for everyone this time by having the correct scheduling information and I was glad I did. It was truly a night for Metal from start to finish.
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Iced Earth @ Starland Ballroom (6/14/2004)

iced earth logo

Artist: Iced Earth
Venue: Starland Ballroom (Sayreville, NJ)
Opener: Trivium & Beyond The Embrace
Label: SPV Records
Date: 6/14/2004

Normally I would not compose a review for a band that I had just seen very recently. However, this second chance to see Iced Earth perform had a few reasons for getting me to do it. As the Metal World knows by now, Drummer Richard Christy had left the band in the middle of the tour to focus on his interests in comedy. More specific for the Howard Stern radio program which is out of New York. He has since obtained the position, so congrats to him. Jumping into the drum chair was the incredible Bobby Jarzombek (formerly of Halford, Riot, & Pain Museum). Bobby had been in the band a few short weeks but he was a natural fit. Thunderous double bass drumming and solid fills were par for the course this evening. I even saw him providing extra backing vocals when it was needed. A welcome addition to this lineup in my humble opinion.
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Danzig @ The Spirit Club (3/1/2005)

Logo - Danzig

Artist: Danzig
Venue: The Spirit Club NYC
Opener: Trivium, Kataklysm
Label: Evil 9 Records
Date: 3-1-2005

Metal Icon Glen Danzig returned to New York for a show at the Spirit Entertainment Center, a totally cool club in New York that I have not attended until this particular show. The show would prove to be chock full of surprises to say the least. For not only was Type-O-Negative drummer Johnny Kelly handling the chores on the drum kit but it was also disclosed that the show would feature another very special and historic musical guest.

Kicking off the evening was Trivium, a Roadrunner act who was promoting their latest piece of metal. I enjoyed them more this time around than when I first saw them opening for Iced Earth last year. Lots of old school feel in the Nu-Metal styling of these guys. Worthy of a look see. Just before Danzig was the band Kataclysm, who while proclaiming themselves a Death Metal band did not impress me as much as the previous weeks show of Behemoth/Suffocation. They did everything right in the Death Metal sense, however, there was not as much presence as I had recently absorbed.
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