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“One Night In New York City” by Yellow Matter Custard

Artist: Yellow Matter Custard
Title: “One Night In New York City”
Label: Radiant Records
Release Date:
Genre: Rock & Roll
Rating: 8/10

There is no question about the impact of The Beatles on modern music and the effect is so profound that you can listen to songs recorded over thirty years ago and still find the material fresher than most of today’s newest “stars” and producer “concoctions”. This impact also holds a historical side as most records that have been set by The Beatles have yet to be matched. The fact that Yellow Matter Custard came to be is a statement to this history as it takes the combined forces of Neil Morse, Mike Portnoy, Matt Bissonette, and Paul Gilbert (all amazing talents) and puts them in a situation where they are playing some of their favorite Beatles tunes. Fans of Progressive music would enjoy this as both Portnoy and Morse are leaders in that genre. Morse for his work with Spock’s Beard and Portnoy of course in Dream Theater. Matt Bissonette (bassist) has played with David Lee Roth and Paul Gilbert was the guitar wizard behind Racer X and Mr. Big. Each of them sing while Neal Morse pretty much holds the main vocal duties. You might ask yourself if the vocals come off as good as the Beatles might in a live setting. The answer is a resounding yes and the players execute it very well. This 2CD set is your chance to own the official “bootleg” of the performance. Radiant Records has released this piece which was recorded live at B.B. King Blues Club on May 18th 2003. The Portnoy and Morse produced recording takes the entire concert and brings it to your living room. It is truly difficult to gauge how good or bad this is when you take into consideration the fact that this was primarily done for the fun of it. Is it good, well yes it is and there are moments of brilliance especially on their renditions of “A Day In The Life” and “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”
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