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“Masters Of Horror” Soundtrack by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Masters Of Horror”
Label: Immortal Records
Release Date: 10/18/2005
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 6/10

Showtime cable has a great idea in their program “Masters Of Horror” for it takes some of the greatest talents in the genre and lets them create an hour long horror segment as a part of this program. These mini movies are really good and I speak as someone who does not often see Horror films. I changed my tune when you consider Landis and Carpenter are involved as there is a level of quality that is hard to avoid in these directors. The CD companion that features the music showcased in the series is not that rooted in Horror of Masters for that matter. Yes there are some good moments but overall the CD is difficult to absorb unless you want a spattering (pardon the pun) of a wide variety of musical personalities. There were some solid moments on the CD such as the cover of “Enjoy The Silence” by It Dies Today and of course the Mudvayne and Shadows Fall songs are good ones since those particular bands are veterans at delivering powerful Metal to the masses. Serj Tankian does a good track with Buckethead and that might generate an added level of interest. There was a lot of oddly placed Emo-Punk stuff like Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Alkaline Trio which might have fit the context of the show but seemed out of place on an album like this. I was amazed to find Andrew WK on this as I thought he was yesterday’s news already with his vastly similar on every track album. I think more emphasis should have been placed on getting bands that had a Horror motif like Alice Cooper or GWAR or even Rob Zombie. Stuff like that would guarantee a sale and not find this CD like many other soundtracks sitting in bargain bins after the initial excitement about the show wears off. I cannot delve deeper into this release since I was only afforded a sampler as a promo and not a full release.
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