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“Other True Self” by Vernon Reid & Masque

Artist: Vernon Reid & Masque
Title: “Other True Self”
Label: Favored Nations
Release Date: 4/18/2006
Genre: Progressive Instrumental
Rating: 2.5/5

I have to begin by saying that I have not been a fan of Vernon Reid’s guitar playing. He is best known for his work with Living Color, and considered by many to be an excellent guitarist. I have seen him live with Living Color a few times, and even caught him jamming with Santana and I have also owned Living Color CD’s. The operative word is “owned” as I ended up giving them away when I could no longer stand the average songs, disjointed meandering and seemingly pointless solos. I also felt that his guitar sound was the issue for instead of clean and stylish technique the listener got a horrible, buzzy, ratty & abrasive guitar tone. In my opinion the much-vaunted solo on “Cult of Personality” was a buzz saw mass of incomprehensible pointless bullshit.
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