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Marvel Comics #1′s Coming In November 2014

In keeping up with the broadcasts about some upcoming and also very exciting comic book titles, I am here to line out what you can find on the shelves from Marvel Comics in November 2014 in terms of their just launching titles. As I have done in a number of these posts in the past, the descriptions are taken from the provided press copy or the titles official Wiki entry. I’ll present that along with the covers and then line out some personal views on the batch as we close it up. Here we go with November, on your mark, get set…..comic!

Comic - All New Captain America 1- 2014

All New Captain America: In the series, Sam Wilson takes over the mantle of Captain America from Steve Rogers. Series editor Tom Brevoort said, “While Sam shares many of Steve’s beliefs in a general sense, he’s also a very different person with a very different background. He didn’t grow up in the 1930s, he’s a modern day man in touch with the problems of the 21st Century. For most of his professional life, Sam has worked as a social worker, so he’s seen the worst of urban society up close, and how crime, poverty, lack of social structure and opportunity can affect the community.”[125]

Writer: Rick Remender; Artist: Stuart Immonen
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Marvel Comics #1′s Coming In October 2014

Welcome to October, or as I will be referring to it for the music related posts “Rocktober”. I’d have tried “Comictober” but that just sounds stupid, so where was I — Oh yes, welcome to the Marvel Comics installment of our semi-regular series of posts that line out the upcoming first issues from some of the publishing houses that we enjoy here at the PiercingMetal Command HQ. As I have done with numerous posts like this, we are taking the official press copy or Wiki description of the titles premise and then adding some views as we close up. Let’s get this party started.

Comic - Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier 1 - 2014

Bucky Barnes The Winter Soldier: Kot said, “Bucky Barnes has undergone self-numbing amounts of traumatic experiences. He killed for the Soviets. He killed for Americans. He had people taken away from him by rather brutal means. He had his mind wiped out. Repeatedly. To top that, he’s hyper-competent when it comes to hurting people and he barely had a childhood. So: a lot of damage. A lot of carefully developed survival mechanisms. The thing about them, though? They might have been important once, but now—well, many of them might be no longer necessary. Bucky is entering a completely new phase of his life and it is a deeply expansive one. Shedding the old and embracing the new is the core of the character and the series – traveling across galaxies as a very capable and damaged ex-mercenary, having experiences you can’t fit into your established worldview, changing in the process.”

Writer: Ales Kot; Artist: Marco Rudy
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A Week Of Marvels: Thor, Avengers: Age Of Ultron & Captain America

I had initially planned on putting up a broadcast per interesting news item but the stuff that came flying at my mailbox from the Marvel Comics side this week was just too fast for that and as many readers have seen, there had been several tour announcements to dish out. That said I lumped all three of these interesting and somewhat major happenings in the Marvel Universe into one post. I hope you will forgive me for taking the easy way out this time around 🙂 Let’s get down to business.

1. Thor Gets In Touch With His Feminine Side & Becomes A Woman: On the Tuesday episode of “The View” Marvel made the announcement that Thor would become a female in a move to attract more people to the franchise. Writer Jason Aaron was quoted as saying “This is not She-Thor. This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is THOR. This is the THOR of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before.”

Photo - Lady Thor
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Marvel and Taschen Present “75 Years Of Marvel: From The Golden Age To The Silver Screen”

As a lifelong fan of comics and books in general, I was super stoked to learn about the team-up of Marvel and Taschen as they showcase 75 Years of Marvel Comics with the publishing of an all-new gigantic tome. Check out the press release down below the image of the book. I’ll come back with a few added thoughts afterward.

The Press Release:
In celebration of Marvel’s 75th anniversary, this fall, TASCHEN presents 75 YEARS OF MARVEL: FROM THE GOLDEN AGE TO THE SILVER SCREEN, a 700+ page magnum opus of the most influential comic book publisher today with an inside look, not only at its celebrated characters – Captain America, Spider-Man, Thor and Iron Man, but also at the “bullpen” of architects whose names are almost as familiar as the protagonists they brought to life—Stan “the Man” Lee, Jack “King” Kirby, along with a roster of greats like Steve Ditko, John Romita, John Buscema, Marie Severin, and countless others. With essays by comic book historian and former Marvel editor-in-chief Roy Thomas, this book delves into the hearts of thousands of costumed characters who continue to fight the good fight in comics, movies, and toy aisles of the world.

From the very first issue of pulp impresario Martin Goodman’s Marvel Comics in 1939, the comic book creators of Marvel’s Golden Age flipped the traditional fantasy script by placing the inhuman and the invincible into the real world. With the likes of the fiery android the Human Torch, vengeful sea prince Sub-Mariner, and pip-squeak-turned-paragon Captain America, Marvel created a mythological universe grounded in a world that readers recognize as close to their own, brimming with humor and heartache.
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All-New Marvel Now! Onsale In July 2014

Hey readers, how is your summer coming along so far? I hope that it has been grand and that some of you have even managed to squeeze some vacation into your plans. Now its time to say that without any further adieu, here is my monthly presentation of the Marvel Comics titles that are being delivered under their branding of the “All-New Marvel Now!”. As I have done before, these are the brand new first issues that we shall be seeing in this month of July 2014. While there are not a whole lot of brand new title releases with this particular month it’s okay because there are plenty of continuing series to enjoy and you can see them on the shelves of your neighborhood comics shop when you drop in.   Longer termed followers of this particular category know that I’ve been snipping the descriptions of the titles from the Official Wikipedia entries since that let’s us get a quick premise of the new title and an idea of who the creative team will be on the title. It’s much easier for this particular solicitation purposes but don’t worry I will be offering up my sage comics wisdom after its all done. Here we go with the newest first issues from Marvel Comics.
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