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Marty Friedman @ Highline Ballroom

Marty Friedman will bring that guitar thing down like never before at the Highline Ballroom. If you are a fan of this musician you sure don’t want to miss this one. Scale The Summit and The Fine Constant will offer support.

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Win A Ticket For Marty Friedman @ Highline Ballroom On 8/4/2017

The Details: If you play the guitar and are a fan of the Metal and Rock side of the fence then you very possibly know the name of the great Marty Friedman who worked for a number of years alongside Dave Mustaine in Megadeth. The musician has been a solo artist for quite some time now and has released a number of albums in his new location of Japan. Every so often he decides to pay a visit to the place he once called home and deliver incendiary displays of guitar virtuosity. With that in mind we are pleased to offer up this new contest for his performance at the Highline Ballroom next week. Read on down below for the rules on how to participate in this contest ticket giveaway. This should be a good one and features Scale The Summit and The Fine Constant as support.

When and Where: Friday, August 4th @ Highline Ballroom 431 West 16th Street (New York City)

To Participate: I’ve decided to keep this an easy one and by saying that I mean I will be sticking to my usual formula of you readers giving me “3” things that you like most about Marty Friedman and his body of work. Perhaps there are albums that “spoke” to you or concert appearances that sent you to the music shop to snag some tablature – whatever. Just give me three solid answers and how important it is to be at this show. I know I make you work but I work here too so whining will not win out at all LOL. Make this good reading because the stuff remains on the website and can likely inspire new fans as well on how our freebies work. Writing “because he rocks dude” is just too un-original and boring. I’ll be responding to the comments that I like most right below their answer. Kindly review some guidelines before entering your submission.
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Marty Friedman @ Gramercy Theatre

Guitarist Marty Friedman brings his sizzling licks to life in the Big Apple at long last. Arigato Friedman San.

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Guitarist Marty Friedman Unveils “Inferno” Tour 2015

Guitar slingers of many different genre preferences are going to be ecstatic at the news about Marty Friedman’s long hoped for and honestly quite overdue visit to the USA for touring purposes. Most Metalheads know full well how the blistering guitarist has been living in Japan for many years now and is quite the Rock idol over on that continent but it’s rare that he gets to come back and thrill us with his technical virtuosity. Below you can indulge in the poster and the official press copy and then we can banter a little further. Dig in.

Tour - Marty Friedman - 2015

The Press Release:
Iconic guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN is ecstatic to announce his first tour of North America since 2003 — a 21-date headlining run that will kick off Sept. 9. The trek marks the latest leg of FRIEDMAN’s ongoing world tour in support of “Inferno,” his Billboard-charting, critically acclaimed solo album that so far has seen him complete a record-breaking tour across South America; perform extensively in Europe with acts such as Gus G. (Firewind, Ozzy Osbourne), Arch Enemy and Kreator; and play multiple high-profile gigs in his current home country of Japan, including a set at the country’s largest heavy metal festival, Loud Park.
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20 Years of “Countdown To Extinction” by Megadeth……

And it would seem that the countdown continues so in some sense I guess that there should be a sigh of relief that we are not yet extinct at all but moving steadily along. Yeah we have the occasional mishap out there but I digress. So can you believe that it has been twenty years since Megadeth first released their “Countdown To Extinction” album? I know that it amazes me, but I will say that I really enjoyed this particular album myself.

Back when this album came out I was finding myself getting more into Megadeth as a Metal fan than I ever had been before. Yeah there were some moments on the debut and I liked the same songs that everyone liked on “Peace Sells” but there was not much that thrilled me on “So Far So Good So What”. It happens. It was not until “Rust In Peace” (1990) that I found them to be a band of preference to me and this was largely based on a friend who ran a radio show in the region and played them all the time. I was also very involved in a Metal band of my own and I reckon that Megadeth was “speaking” to me as a player even though I was a drummer and not a guitar slinger like Mustaine. At the end of the day I guess I was also just leaning more into this brand of Metal based on how it was put together. Faster, more aggressive and making a larger point with its lyrical content. This appreciation really continued to brew when the band delivered “Countdown To Extinction”. I found “Skin O’ My Teeth” to be an energetic tune and “Symphony Of Destruction” would become a live staple that always set the audience off. The views in “Foreclosure Of A Dream” were slightly ahead of their time and when listened to today are speaking volumes about the way we live. This was a powerful album for sure and one who’s message was rather bleak about some societal ills that we find ourselves facing. The playing was also top drawer from Mustaine who had Marty Friedman, Dave Ellefson and Nick Menza as a part of the band at this time.
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