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Death Angel Announces North American Headline Tour

death angel logo

Looks like Fridays are also a good day to do some tour announcements and this is especially the case when it comes to the hard-working Thrash Metal legends Death Angel. The band just announced their first in a long, long time headlining run of North America and this is exciting news for sure. I don’t recall a headlining appearance as a proper tour since one that hit the now shuttered B.B. King Blues Club that came through in 2008. You younger Metalheads might enjoy that overview that can be perused HERE. Now scroll on down past the poster for the full on press release and a whole lot of other coolness.

tour posters, death angel, nuclear blast records artists, death angel tour posters

The Press Release:
Bay Area thrash legends DEATH ANGEL have announced they’ll be hitting the road this fall for a headlining North American tour with openers EXMORTUS and HELLFIRE. The band is touring in support of their recently released album, Humanicide, which is available from Nuclear Blast. Tickets will be available at https://www.deathangel.us/tour.

“DEATH ANGEL is proud to FINALLY announce our first headlining tour in many years of North America!! We’re doing this tour in support of our new album Humanicide! Supporting the ideals of the true thrash scene that we came from that supported the beliefs that kept the scene alive! That being said we are extremely proud to present what we feel is a true modern-day thrash tour that represents the beliefs, and foundation of what that amazing scene is, and always has been based on!! Rebellion, truth, energy, camaraderie, and most importantly the music! This tour represents the roots through the evolution of what is this incredible genre, and scene we know as thrash!!!” – Mark Osegueda
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“Fallen Heroes” by Metal Allegiance

Artist: Metal Allegiance
Title: “Fallen Heroes”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 8/12/2016
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

As most music fans will recall, 2015 ended on a really bad note when Motorhead main man Lemmy Kilmister died of cancer. It was a jarring way to close a year and while 2016 was loaded with hope and promise, it quickly slapped us with a hard dose about our hero’s mortality when it took the iconic David Bowie and master songwriter Glen Frey from us one after the other. These three deceased legends are the musical inspiration for this solid EP by Metal Allegiance, that supergroup comprised of Mike Portnoy, Alex Skolnick, Mark Osegueda and many more. The idea for the EP came from the bands founding bassist Mark Menghi and fans will get a track apiece from Motorhead, Bowie and The Eagles. I’ll opine on each of them briefly below.
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Metal Allegiance Announce Destination (Almost) East Coast Tour

By now you’ve heard about the Heavy Metal Supergroup known as Metal Allegiance and if not it’s a talent whirlwind that features Alex Skolnick, Mike Portnoy, Mark Oseguesda, Chuck Billy and more. They toured these parts a few months ago and it was a blast that was enjoyed by all. Earlier today a press release went out citing how the group would be swapping some members for a brief East Coast run. I’ve copied the press notice for you below so check out the poster, press copy and dates before I return with some additional thoughts.

Tour - Metal Allegiance - Spring 2016

The Press Release:
METAL ALLEGIANCE are proud to announce their Destination (Almost) East Coast tour! The 7 day trek kicks off March 31st in Providence, Rhode Island followed by stops in Poughkeepsie, New Haven, and Lancaster before the final show on April 7th at the Gramercy in New York! With the recent release of their critically acclaimed self-titled album under their belts, they are bringing their all-star team and epic live experience to the East Coast! In true METAL ALLEGIANCE form, the band is bringing along some good friends to share the stage. Accompanying the band for these 7 special shows are none other than Mark Oseguesda (DEATH ANGEL). Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT).
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Death Angel To Play Blackthorn 51 Tonight (3/30/2014)

Now how cool is that?

Logo - Death Angel

A few short hours ago, Death Angel was finishing up a throttling set that was the close of a several week tour with Children Of Bodom and as this “Halo Of Blood” adventure was coming to its end for the mighty Thrashers, singer Mark Osegueda announced that Death Angel would be performing a “Not So Secret” gig at Blackthorn 51 in Queens.  As soon as I arrived home I tossed this together for you in hopes that many numbers of our stalwart Metal supporters can get themselves into this sure to be exciting event.  Trust me if you can get a ticket and be a part of this that you will not forget it.  Death Angel really put on a show stopping show over these last two nights and you can learn something from their delivery if you are a musician as well.

Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda in NYC (2014)

I was excited to hear that this kind of thing was happening because its just so “Metal” in the aspect of thinking.  “Hey we’re here and we have a night open  so let’s do something special for our area fans”.  It’s really something you don’t see happening all that much these days.  Of course unless I am just not being clued into them 🙂  Learn more about how to attend this once in a lifetime kind of gig on Blackthorn 51’s Facebook Page HERE

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend so I hope to hear some cool stories from it if you go. Have a blast. After this you can keep up with future Death Angel happenings via their official website and then by purchasing some of the music which I have linked for you below.

Official Website: http://www.deathangel.us/

Anthrax & Testament @ Best Buy Theater (2/8/2012)

It has to be cool to be Anthrax right now because the band has clearly been riding a high for the last few months and was getting more attention than they had over the most recent years. The reunion with singer Joey Belladonna found the release of “Worship Music” as their next CD and the response to the album had been terrific. Many sources cited this as the best Metal album of the 2011 year in case you wondered. So after some amazing tours and that small, unknown and hardly discussed Big Four Tour, the band was doing a co-headlining run with the mighty Testament and bringing Death Angel along for the ride.  I wasn’t going to miss a moment of this exciting event, and you can check out all the details and concert photos by scrolling past the logo below.  Then I encourage you to scroll on down the blog posting to see some of the other items that caught my attention during the night.

Artist: Anthrax
Venue: Best Buy Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: Testament & Death Angel
Date: 2/8/2012
Label: Megaforce Records

I’m willing to bet good money on it having been a really exciting past few months for the guys in Anthrax because not only were they still riding high from the positive reception to their “Worship Music” CD; but they were also now on a headlining trek that immediately followed “The Big Four” event and delivering the Metal Justice with the incredible Testament. The bands had been referring to this as a co-headlining run but Anthrax appeared to be closing all of the shows. Generally with tours like this the bands will swap out on the headlining spot but I had not heard of this happening on this run of shows. Tonight was the final night of the North American Tour and what a way to close it out……being home in New York City. The gigs would be enhanced by the presence of Death Angel and I made sure to get to the Best Buy Theater nice and early to not miss a single note of this killer evening. Here is how it went down.

Death Angel: I had to say that I was really happy to find Death Angel on the bill with these other giants because they have been on a bit of a rise themselves since their “Relentless Retribution” album of 2010 and based on the reaction of the crowd when the band hit the stage, they were very much appreciated by this NYC audience. The band hit the stage like they were on fire. I liked that, and especially since they were the first of three groups. They had a lot to prove to this audience and then again they didn’t have much to prove as the consensus was high on their ass kicking abilities. Singer Mark Osegueda was a flurry of motion and bounded from left to right to left to right on the stage and all the while whipping his lengthy dreadlocks around as he head banged. There was not a lot of time wasted with banter and that was a good thing since the band only seemed to perform for about thirty minutes. Their seven song set featured “I Chose The Sky”, “Mistress Of Pain”, “Truce”, “Claws In So Deep”, “Buried Alive”, “The Ultra Violence”, and “Thrown To The Wolves”. Three of the tunes hailed from the bands most recent album and this is a high recommendation if you do not have it already. This all too brief set proved one thing in the eyes of the New York Metal Republic and that was that Death Angel is welcome back anytime and should visit us again with a headlining set. Now it was time to declare our Testament for Metal.
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