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The 69 Eyes are “Back In Blood” in the New York Groove

While I cannot claim to have supported The 69 Eyes since their humble beginnings some twenty years ago, I have to say that I have been a fan for more than three quarters of the time that I have been a Metal Media adventurer and photographer. I began my own support of the band with their seminal release “Blessed Be” and have continued on with each consecutive album all the way up until their latest studio recording “Angels” which was released in 2007. They released the tour for that album with the live “Hollywood Kills” recording and around this time we also saw their entire back catalog being delivered by Cleopatra Records. This fact allowed many of the fans of the band to catch up to what they might have been missing or holding back from purchasing based on pricy imports. The band is now signed in the USA to The End Records, a label that has already given us the Monster Madness of Lordi, the Symphonic Gothic Virgin Black and the ever unpredictable Unexpect, so I am sure that great things are at the ready for our favorite Goth Rockers. The band was back in the New York Groove to celebrate this new signing and to treat both media allies and fans alike to an advance listening of their latest release entitled “Back In Blood”. The advance press emails about the album lined out that the band was planning on delivering their heaviest and darkest album to date and moving steadily away from the Hollywood Glam vibe that they had recently adopted. I was afforded a little more time with the guys before the listening and bring those who might have missed the event the full scoop.

Logo - The 69 Eyes

I caught up with Jyrki 69 and Bazie along with some of their record company people in a comfortable Thai restaurant on 2nd avenue and about 12th street. “Thai On Two” I believe it was called. The food was good and while you might be wondering what these day walking vampires might have dined upon, I will leave that to your own imagination and just tell you that I personally can recommend the chicken pad Thai. After some catching up and fine food I learned that the other guys, Timo-Timo and Jussi 69 were somewhere down on St. Mark’s Place shopping and causing the tourists heads to turn while bassist Archzie was not in town for the fun. We wandered down second avenue catching the curious eye of passerby who wondered just who they were seeing and sparking some excitement in the fans of the Gothic Rockers who recognized them.

the 69 eyes, helsinki vampires in nyc, helsinki vampires
Jyrki 69 in NYC

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“Mama Trash Family Artists – Volume II: In Trash We Trust” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Mama Trash Family Artists – Volume II: In Trash We Trust”
Label: Independent Release
Release Date: 10/31/2008
Genre: Hard Rock/Glam Rock
Rating: 3/5

The one and only Mama Trash is at it again and brings to the discerning Hard Rock and Metal fan her personal picks on “In Trash We Trust” aka “Mama Trash Family Artists Volume II”. The CD is her sophomore effort in delivering such a thing and based on the four additional tracks from the first release she has upped her game in her efforts of making the world at large aware of that many more bands. This kind of release appeals to me for the most part and really succeeds in making you curious enough about more than a handful of groups which you can then look deeper into on their respective MySpace or YouTube pages and hopefully find you purchasing their stuff in order to keep the band growing and able to do what they do best. The twenty one tracks present to the listener a full twenty one bands which makes this a lot to absorb and my best advice is to listen to each track in full, perhaps let the whole CD run it’s course and then return to those which you liked the best and move on deeper into the band from there. I had to say that I felt this time around there was a lot more what is labeled as your Industrial Gothic Metal, or at least Goth tasting drive with some heavy keyboards and apparent drum machines. There is also the pre-requisite dose of Trash Metal, or Sleaze Punk which is never a bad thing.
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“Mama Trash Family Artists” Vol. 1 by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Mama Trash Family Vol. 1”
Label: Independant
Release Date:
Genre: Gothic Hard Rock & Roll
Rating: 3.5/5

I’m not one who would really review an independent compilation CD but when I heard that Mama Trash would be issuing one to showcase a number of bands that she believed in I would definitely find the time to make an exception from this rule. So just who is Mama Trash, and why should the world listen to who she thinks are some bands that the world at large should be paying attention to? Very simply put – Mama Trash is someone who makes sure that she gets involved in the lives of the bands that she enjoys and via various promotional adventures both online and off she has built up a strong legion of believers and fans for these groups and herself. It was through these adventures that a mere mortal music fan named Jo Sheldon became the one and only Mama Trash. My own interaction with her had been at shows that The 69 Eyes were first doing in the US and since then there has been nothing but positive dealings. One has to admire the drive and interest that a person shows when they choose to release a very loaded CD such as this one. One can only hope that through this the very same bands that you enjoy yourself will reach new levels of success and exposure based on its existence. It is a gamble, but what facets of the music business aren’t these days. Let’s talk about the CD.
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