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Win A Ticket For Mago De Oz @ Stage 48 On 6/10/2015

Poster - Mago De Oz at Stage 48 - 2015

The Details: For those who are not in the know, the band Mago De Oz are a fantastical experience of music from Begoña, Madrid that have been in action since their formation in 1988. They are a Spanish/Folk Metal band that has a strong Celtic vibe to their sound and they use many traditional instruments such as flutes and violins to enhance their audiences experience during concerts. Their name is the Spanish translation for “Wizard Of Oz” and according to their drummer it was chosen because “life is a yellow brick road, on which we walk in the company of others searching for our dreams.” (quote cribbed from the bands Wiki). Though I’ve not yet seen them myself I am told that their shows are unforgettable experiences and that makes me happy to offer this latest contest to our readers and Social Networking followers thanks to the marketing teams at the Stage 48 venue. Please read more below to know the scoop.
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“A Costa Da Morte” by Mago De Oz

Artist: Mago De Oz
Title: A Costa Da Morte (Coast of Death)
Label: Locomotive Records
Release Date: 11/20/2007
Genre: Progressive Rock/Metal
Rating: 4/5

This live offering from Spain’s Mago De Oz (Wizard of Oz) serves as a great introduction to their more than decade long body of work, a nice way to sample some of the best songs from their expansive studio catalog presented in a well recorded and engaging double CD set.

Describing themselves uniquely as “folk-metal” the band actually goes far past that pigeon-hole by taking giant leaps across many musical genres. If it’s folk at all, it’s the folk of a band like Jethro Tull, in a style that fits comfortably between pastoral pieces like “Living In Past” and the smoking riff-rock of “Locomotive Breath”. The influences fly hard and fast even in the course of a single song, conjuring the likes of Iron Maiden (“Leyenda De La Mancha”), Deep Purple & Dio era Rainbow as well age old gypsy and Galician melodies. Maiden’s influence is particularly evident in this ten member band’s twin lead guitar attack as well as singer José Andrea’s frequent forays into stratospheric vocal ranges which approximate Bruce Dickinson or “Burn” era David Coverdale. It was not strange to learn that the group was originally called Transilvania in honor of the Iron Maiden instrumental and have covered “Strange World” for Nuclear Blast’s Tribute to the Beast, Volume 2.
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