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Clutch @ Brooklyn Steel (5/15/2017)

Artist: Clutch
Venue: Brooklyn Steel (Brooklyn, NY)
Opener: Lucero, The Sword
Date: 5/15/2017
Label: Weathermaker Records

I guess that it’s been a month or so since the new venue in East Williamsburg (aka Bushwick) called BROOKLYN STEEL had opened and I have been scanning their calendar since The Cult show for another chance to try and be one of the media flies on the wall to report on a show and give you my personal lay of the land. The chance for this would come with an appearance by the great band Clutch who were doing what appeared to be a quick run with support from the bands The Sword and Lucero. I think this show would mark my sixth or seventh time seeing Clutch in action but I had never seen The Sword and Lucero were new to me entirely so there would be some education with the event. Here we go.

The Sword: As I’ve mentioned already, I had never seen The Sword before despite having heard them for a few years already. Sadly my travel time to the new space would find me coming in on the tail end of the third song (which would mean minimal images from their set) and an abbreviated chance to absorb their crushing vibe. For those who are in the unaware, the band is signed to the Razor and Tie family of artists and are currently supporting and celebrating the release of their live album “Greetings From…..” – I loved the backdrop for their stage setup since it reminded me of the Bruce Springsteen album “Greetings From Asbury Park”

Lucero: Next up was the band Lucero who I had no idea about at all and was hoping to come away with more of a gauge on their vibe and presentation. I didn’t know a single song as result and all of my listing of the numbers would come later on from Setlist.fm and a better listen to their body of work care of Spotify; I liked their sound for sure but it was a whole lot more mellow and laid back than I had expected. That’s not bad to absorb at all but with the overpowering heat that was going on in the main venue space at this time I didn’t need to slow myself down as much as hydrate and I wasn’t meaning with alcohol since I was doing a personal non-drinking month. These guys were good though and as I talked to patrons between sets I found a strong amount of them were there for Lucero alone which is always interesting to find being the case. I didn’t notice many people leaving post set which was a good thing. Clutch was up next.
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Clutch @ Brooklyn Steel

Clutch will deliver their awesome sounds in Brooklyn at the new Brooklyn Steel with support from Lucero and The Sword.

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Metallica’s “Hot New” Festival Announcement

Since I’ve started to try and use the PiercingMetal Musings blog to showcase some of the larger tour news, this recent event was an absolutely must discuss with you as I was super curious what you all thought about the news. Here we go.

The other day the press release came out which announced that the one and only Metallica would be headlining a festival of their own creation with the people of C3 Presents and this would go under the moniker of “Orion Music Festival and More”. The music part is pretty self explanatory but the “and more” is apparently slated for the aspect of “lifestyle and arts”. The press release stated that Metallica would of course headline both nights of this two-day festival and across the span of the nights would perform “Ride The Lightning” and “The Black Album” in their entirety.

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