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“Live At The House Of Blues” by Travers and Appice

Artist: Travers & Appice
Release: “Live At the House of Blues”
Label: Escapi Music
Date: 7/15/2005
Genre: Rock
Rating: 6.5

Like blues artists of the 1950’s who stayed on the road playing the “chitlin circuit” throughout the 1960’s lots of classic rock’s stalwarts are still out touring today. Bands such as Mountain, Blue Oyster Cult & Derringer, continue playing small venues to appreciative lifelong fans and younger listeners who have picked up on them in retrospect. In an industry that courts younger and younger audiences with equally youthful “stars”, it tends to be problematic to be considered “past your prime”. In reality, after a lifetime of chops building, many of these musicians are playing the best they ever have in their entire careers. This pairing of Vanilla Fudge’s Carmine Appice and Guitarist Pat Travers offers listeners a sonic snap shot of their House of Blues show. The power trio format has been a staple configuration for these musicians and with bassist T. M. Stevens they present an extremely well played set of songs from various points in their careers.
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