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Liberty City Anime Con Announces Artists & Vendors For 2018 Event

Fans of the Anime and Manga side of the fence are amped up with excitement about the upcoming Liberty City Anime Con. It’s the third such event that will be happening in our massive media metropolis and earlier we received the rundown of the Artists and Vendors that will be appearing across the three day affair. Let’s take a look.

Vendors for Liberty City Anime Con 2018:
KISORO 40×10
J&V Anime 40×10
1st PLACE, Inc. 30×10
Best Anime Shop 30×10
Anime Crew LLC 30×10
Image Anime 20×10
Wingbot Inc. 20×10
hobbyfan.com 20×10
Cartoon Passion 20×10
Phase *ID 20×10
Kathy100 20×10
New York Public Library 10×10
Studio Momotsuki & Co. 10×10
bulletproof comics inc 10×10
Cat Crossing 10×10
Maxina Storibrook 10×10
Kecky & Friends 10×10
Anime Castle 10×10
Kyoshiki 10×10
Coinbox Tees 10×10
Phantom Enterprises 10×10
Inimitable Studios LLC 10×10
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New Guests Announced For Liberty City Anime Con!

Believe it or not, the Liberty City Anime Con is around the corner and there are still some tickets remaining for the folks who are interested. Yesterday we got a press release announcing some new guests to the proceedings and I am sharing that with you below. Read on.

The Press Release:
We have a few voice actors who have never yet appeared at a con in New York City to announce, along with some returning favorites! Get your tickets for this year!

Robert L. Mungle is a voice actor for Funimation, ADV Films, Seraphim Digital/Sentai Filmworks, and OkraTron 5000. The Right Reverend Robert L. Mungle founded The Whiskey Brothers in 1998. Since then, while the line-up has changed, it has been his outrageously loud voice that has led the group. Mungle has taken the stage everywhere from sold out theaters to seedy strip clubs. His IMDB page boasts over 100 different anime roles, from “Ghost Stories” to “Lady Death” to “Excel Saga.” He was born in Houston and you might recognize him from any of tons of anime roles, some of which include Amanojaku from Ghost Stories, Mr.8 from One Piece, Matsushita from Angel Beats, and Pedro Domingo from Excel Saga. He’s appeared in Akame ga Kill!, 009-1, Broken Blade, Gantz, Halo Legends, and many others.

Rachelle Heger is a LA based voice actress who has been a part of various video games, anime, and animated series. Born and raised in Massachusetts, Rachelle moved to the west coast to pursue voice over. Rachelle is most well known for her work as “Sucy” in Little Witch Academia and Little Witch Academia 2: The Enchanted Parade. Other roles include “Mittens” in Lala Loopsy Girls, “Olivia” in Lego Friends, “Truffles” in Disney Palace Pets, “Pearl” in the upcoming game Undead Darlings, “Gundromeda” in Heroes of Newerth, and various voices in Persona 5. Rachelle has also provided additional voices for RuneStory, Persona 4: The Animation, and Kill la Kill. In addition to voice acting, Rachelle is also a singer, and a part of re:TYE on YouTube who sing English covers of anime songs. As well as working in the anime industry, Rachelle has been a long time fan of anime and video games, and loves to keep up to date on the newest titles.
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