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Smithsonian Networks presents “The Vampire Princess”

Title: “The Vampire Princess”
Studio: Smithsonian Networks
Release Date: 10/14/2008
Genre: Documentary
Rating: 3.5/5

If you are a Horror fan and have never seen the original film “Dracula” or even its remake, then you need to stop reading now, take care of business and then return to be a little more up to speed on things. If you have then we can safely and easily continue because the Smithsonian Networks film “The Vampire Princess” discusses some of the potential histories that just might have led up to the inspiration behind the writing of this classic work of literature. From the moment it begins, this historical journey reminded me a lot of a show I grew up on entitled “In Search Of”; this was a great mystery meets documentary series hosted by Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy. The premise of “The Vampire Princess” takes the view that instead of a man being the sinister player that “Dracula” was modeled after that it was instead done based on the life and hard fate that was experienced by a real 18th century bohemian princess by the name of Eleonore von Schwarzenberg. It is possible after all and when the viewer watches this film they might agree with me.
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