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Happy Halloween 2017: Rockers Divulge Their Favorite Horror Films

It’s Halloween and with this post I am giving you a treat that will not promote tooth decay nor lead you to issues with your waistline. In the spirit of my inquiries that featured “Music Resolutions”; I’ve polled a number of Metal and Rock musicians in my world and asked them “What is your favorite Horror movie and why”. So get some popcorn, dim the lights and sit under a cozy blanket as we learn of some awesome talents favorite creepy film. It’s a lengthy list but splitting this one into parts didn’t make sense. Let’s go.

Chris Caffery (Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra): “Halloween”. Because it was the only movie that not only scared me in the theaters it scared me afterwards in real life. In my opinion it’s the best horror film ever made. In the sense of true horror. A real killer. There was no superhuman bs in the first one. Just pure evil.

Gogo Melone (Aeonian Sorrow): From old films was “Dracula”… I really like the atmosphere and as a kid I was a big fan of vampires. The movie that scared my ass off the most and had nightmares for days with, were “The Ring” and “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”…I don’t think I’ll ever see them twice again ??

Jimmy Kunes (Cactus): God there’s so many. “Fearless Vampire Killers”, I know it’s a spoof. But what a film!!!

Elise Ryd (Amaranthe): “The Shining”. Those two kids are the most scary thing I’ve seen. And I don’t like that dude Johnny towards the end. “Here’s Johnny” ? And this is true.. Every time I’m in a hotel with long corridors I expect those kids to show up in the end of the hallway. Haha, that image is haunting me, STILL! It’s Enshrined in my memory.

Archie Kuosmanen (Santa Cruz): Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining because it’s the undisputed heavyweight champion of horror flicks!
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Sabaton @ Playstation Theater

Sabaton is at long last on the headlining stages of NYC once more. You don’t want to miss this show and their support from Leaves’ Eyes and Battle Beast (who perform here for the very first time).

Leaves Eyes @ Vintage Vinyl

Leaves’ Eyes will treat fans to a free in-store acoustic performance at Vintage Vinyl in NJ before heading to Starland Ballroom for the Sonata Arctica support slot. Don’t miss this awesome opportunity.

Sonata Arctica @ Starland Ballroom

Tour - Sonata Arctica - Fall 2016

Sonata Arctica have returned and if you missed their brief headlining tour after their supporting Nightwish run then you don’t want to miss this one. Support will come from Leaves’ Eyes and Omnium Gatherum for a proper Metal event.

Leaves’ Eyes Announce New Singer: Elina Siirala

I thought that I was seeing things as I browsed through the various Facebook timelines today because I was truly quite tired after the rousing and incredible performance that Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia gave us in NYC last night. Sadly, I was not imagining it all and it appears as though founding singer and band member Liv Kristine has left the band Leaves’ Eyes. The bands official statement and new group photo can be found down below. Check it out.

Logo - Leaves Eyes

The Statements:
Dear Fans and Friends,

With the upcoming shows, tours and releases Leaves’ Eyes will introduce their new female singer: Elina Siirala, Finnish vocalist living in London. Leaves’ Eyes and former vocalist Liv Kristine will part ways for personal reasons.

Leaves’ Eyes: “Liv was the female voice of the band since the beginning in 2003. Together we toured through 50 countries and 5 continents, moreover we recorded 6 studio albums with outstanding singer Liv. We are full of pride in what we have reached together! From the bottom of our hearts we want to thank Liv for amazing 13 years of being our front lady, the work we have done together and all the passion for music that we shared all these years! We wish Liv all the best for the future, her solo career and other projects! Liv will always be an important part of the Leaves’ Eyes history but now we are looking forward to a new chapter and the new musical adventures of Leaves’ Eyes!“

Photo - Leaves Eyes - 2016
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