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“Extreme Metal Drumming 101” by Cryptopsy’s Flo Mounier

Artist: Cryptopsy’s Flo Mounier
Title: “Extreme Metal Drumming 101”
Label: Independent Release
Release Date: 11/15/2005
Genre: Extreme Metal
Rating: 8/10

The world of Extreme Metal does not have a better representative than Canada’s own Cryptopsy. The band that was formed in 1992 pushes the limits of what one thinks can be done in Heavy Metal music and once they’ve left you breathless and recovering they kick back in to let you have it once again. As with most powerful bands of this nature the key factor for success lies in the man (or woman) behind the drum kit. Cryptopsy is a leader in the field that they adventure in due to the complexity, creativity and absolute intensity that is drummer Flo Mounier. This double DVD set takes you along for the ride with Mounier and the band as he solos live at Cryptopsy shows, rehearses tracks in the studio and performs at clinics around the world. Broken into 2 areas of study the first DVD is the instructional end. Portioned up according to routines and tutorials, Flo explains them in order to help you better understand how he achieves the level of performance that he is able to do. While some of it might look easy at first be aware that this is an over the top demonstration on the pushing the bodily limits. Once you understand how better to approach them you will not only be a better player but also a smarter player as well. As a drummer I I felt that this was enjoyable and informative especially in seeing the “best practices” lined out for the viewer and student. Bad practice routines can lead to injury and given that Extreme Metal is the musical equivalent to the most brutal sporting activities. If you are not in shape and following processes you can and will get hurt. This was excellent to assist the understanding. Flo also performs on his full kit which is a monster collection of cymbals and drums. I like that he featured himself on the full kit rather than scaled down gear. Showing it all allows for you to see what he is talking about a little better.
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