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Music Luminaries Share Their New Year’s Metal Resolutions for 2012: Part 7

Well Happy New Year to my Heavy Metal Legions of the Night!!! Welcome to 2012!!!! How are you all feeling today ? Should I whisper, or are we okay? Grab some coffee, aspirin or water and shake the strain of last night off yourself its time for us to get back to business. So here we are at the dawn of a shiny New Year and I bet you thought that I had finished up with my sharing of some of the New Year’s Metal (or Musical) Resolutions for 2012 from the music luminaries that I have been so fortunate to encounter. “Surprise” because I still have a some to bring to your attention and actually since there were a few more than I had been posting each day I, decided to put them all in one place and close out the topic. Let me stop talking and let you get to indulging in their views. Take a look.

Pamela Moore: My New Years Resolution: Keeping my heart and soul open in ALL areas of life. Being grateful and staying true to myself and others AND…..releasing my new solo CD in 2012! Happy NEW YEAR to all!!

Doris Yeh (bassist for Chthonic): I hope for the next year, I can be braver to face and solve the problems in front of me, and have more persistence to achieve my goal in music career, besides, more smiles with me! 😉

Todd LaTorre (lead vocals for Crimson Glory): My biggest goal for 2012 is for Crimson Glory to finish the writing, recording, and release our new album! We have so much to share with the world still, this journey isn’t over m/
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Iron Maiden @ Madison Square Garden (6/15/2008)

Logo - Iron Maiden

Artist: Iron Maiden
Venue: Madison Square Garden (New York, NY)
Opener: Lauren Harris
Date: 6/15/2008
Label: Universal Music

It was almost exactly three months to the day that the legendary Iron Maiden had last visited this region and that visit was done as a warm up for the upcoming world tour that would be listed as “Somewhere Back In Time”. The truly blockbuster event would need some warm up gigs because it was going to be an event that took the band everywhere and found them pulling out all the stops in terms of material and set presentation. The show we attended back on a brutally cold night in March would be a wonderful preparation for the show we were attending tonight and while I loved that gig at the newly named Izod Center, I just had to get a little misty at the thought of seeing them again in New York City at the famed Madison Square Garden. That last time around Bruce swore to us that the show would be a cry back to the past glory and be something no one would ever forget and I was looking forward to finding out how much he was going to treat us to in a sold out arena tonight. The “Somewhere Back In Time” shows were ones that would deliver to the audience the best Iron Maiden songs from the first batch of albums. It would begin with their self-titled “Iron Maiden” and end with “Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son”. Nothing else would be played and if you were looking for “X-Factor” or “Dance Of Death” stuff you would not find it here this evening. The bands opener would once again be Steve Harris’ daughter Lauren and her band and with the NJ show I had missed most of her gig but tonight would make sure to be in place and see what she was all about. The previous night the boys in Maiden had performed at the PNC Bank Arts Center which is a wonderful outdoor space, but the downside was that it would be the same evening as a torrential thunderstorm and many thousands of the Metal faithful found themselves running to the hills for cover of some kind while the crazier ones just continued to rock out and play in mud. When it comes to weather conditions I say give me an indoor event over anything else and here is how the night went down for those who couldn’t get a ticket or felt that they didn’t need to see them after that show a couple of months ago.

iron maiden, iron maiden concert photos
Iron Maiden by Ken Pierce (2008)

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“Calm Before The Storm” by Lauren Harris

Artist: Lauren Harris
Title: “Calm Before The Storm”
Label: Demolition Records
Release Date: 6/23/2008
Genre: Power Pop Rock
Rating: 3/5

Music might seem to be the obvious career choice when you are the daughter of one of the members in the legendary Iron Maiden but while such an honor might be filled with incredible potential it can also come with enormous levels of trial by fire and the need to impress the audience on a much higher level. Such is the life of Lauren Harris, daughter of Maiden’s master bass player Steve, who has recorded and released her debut album “Calm Before The Storm” on Demolition Records. One might have expected to hear Lauren throttle the listener with a display of rumbling traditional Metal and remain a bit closer to the sound delivered by her Father’s band but the moment that the album begins you will find that this is not the case. Instead of going this route, she stuck to a more traditional Rock vibe that focused on catchy melody and lyrics and by doing this has opened the door to a different listener base than that of Iron Maiden. The album opens up with a cover of Gun’s “Steal Your Fire”, and this is a track that Lauren holds close to her heart having been a fan of theirs for many years. I felt this was a good way to start off and catch the listeners attention because you know that the basic listener might cry nepotism or feel that Mr. Harris gave the strong arm to have this done when in reality she was discovered by Russ Ballard as she performed in a pub. The musician didn’t even realize that the similarity of name was that close. Dad Harris did lend his professional support when it came down to the recording of the album and he appears on four tracks which marks the first time he has ever recorded music that wasn’t Maiden related. Lauren’s band is made up of drummer (and producer/co-writer) Tommy McWilliams, guitarist Richie Faulkner and bassist Randy Gregg. McWilliams has been around for some time and worked with a number of different artists during his career while Gregg has been recently associated with Angel and Thin Lizzy. Together they make sure that there is a solid amount of commercially accessible Rock to enjoy as well as some touching ballads but if you are looking for pounding Metal then this is not really for you.

There is a lot of sing along capable tracks that might appeal to a younger listener base that is looking for a little more maturity and substance than Avril Lavigne or others like her might be offering. Lauren shines on tracks like “From The Bottom To The Top”, and this is one of my own favorites and it seems destined to be a quality video number. “Let Us Be” is another goodie while “Come On Over” hits you as the strongest rocker piece on the recording. There is a lot of ACDC type riffing going down on numbers like these and we even get a taste of some classic UFO with the bands rendition of “Natural Thing”. Bass on that number is also courtesy of Steve Harris and to be honest they did a nice job on it. Lauren and her band have been supporting Iron Maiden on their “Somewhere Back In Time” tour and with this kind of push have been surely able to reach a lot of people who enjoy her brand of Rock and Roll. At the end of the day its very accessible stuff and its nice to find that Steve’s daughter is choosing to give it a go and show that not all female lead vocalists need to be Operatic Sirens or Growlers to be in a band. If you are a fan of your classic rock sound then this is something you should give a chance. Good luck Lauren.

Track Listing:
1. Steal Your Fire
2. Your Turn
3. Get Over It
4. Like It Or Not
5. From The Bottom To The Top
6. Let Us Be
7. Hurry Up
8. Come On Over
9. Hit Or Miss
10. See Through
11. You Say
12. Natural Thing – bonus

Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/LaurenHarrisOfficial

PiercingMetal Talks To Lauren Harris (6/15/2008)

Lauren Harris is the daughter of legendary Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris. She is also a Rock and Roll singer in her own right and is set to release her debut album “Calm Before The Storm” on Demolition Records. Tonight she would be continuing her adventures as a solo artist by opening up for Iron Maiden as the band returned to the legendary arena Madison Square Garden. We met up with Lauren backstage to talk about her feelings about being the daughter of such a musician as well as being the opening act for his incredible band, her own career goals and thoughts on the music business from someone who is just now approaching this as a part of their life. Below is the full dialogue that we exchanged.
Logo - Lauren Harris

Artist: Lauren Harris
Label: Demolition Records
Interview Date: 6/15/2008
Genre: Melodic Rock

PiercingMetal: As the world knows full well, you are the daughter of the legendary bassist of Iron Maiden, Mr. Steve Harris. I am curious as to what that actually feels like for you being a performer. Do you feel you have a lot more impressing to do for the general public based on this relationship?

Lauren Harris: I think that in some cases you will find people who say “ok, impress me” because you are the daughter of a legend or kind of an icon or whatever some people kind of see him as but for me myself I try not to not even play up to that because I just think that with them having a twenty five year career and they’ve done so much and he’s done so much as well that I cant even begin to even stand up to what they’ve achieved or what they’ve done so personally I try not to think about it too much and instead try to just do my own thing and do what I do. I also try to have a good time doing it. I do sometimes get the whole nepotism thing and people kind of stick that out there but I think that I wouldn’t still be here if I was rubbish or not doing a good job or I couldn’t hold my own. He can really only get me so far and I have to go the rest myself because his name is not going to be able to carry me the whole way through for whatever I do so yes in answer to your question I try not to think about it too much.
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Iron Maiden @ Izod Center (3/14/2008)

Iron Maiden were touring on what they referred to as the “Somewhere Back In Time” tour and they would hit the now labeled Izod Center, which Bruce Dickinson lovingly still calls the Meadowlands. It was an incredible event and not a seat was to be found for weeks in advance. To read about this night scroll past the logo below.

Logo - Iron Maiden

Artist: Iron Maiden
Venue: Izod Center (East Rutherford, NJ)
Opener: Lauren Harris
Date: 3/14/2008
Label: Universal Music

When Iron Maiden announced that they would be returning to the US for a couple of shows the buzz surrounding the news would have every Metal head across the generations talking about it. This made sense for Iron Maiden is one of the strongest of the Heavy Metal super powers and for decades have kept their relevance and impact on the genre at the highest possible level. The issue would be that there were really only these couple of shows planned and that meant two of them – one performance on the West Coast and then a stop over on the East Coast, so when the tickets went on sale they sold out as if this were the last concert that anyone in attendance would be able to see in their lives. After breathing a sigh of relief upon securing tickets I had to wonder what the band would deliver to their fans this time around. With their last tour, the band was supporting the album “A Matter Of Life And Death” and in an unprecedented move chose to deliver the entire release from start to finish as opposed to only showcasing a few of its highlights. Once that concluded they would do a few numbers from across the back catalog and since these numbers left off “The Trooper”, “The Number Of The Beast” or “Run To The Hills”, it became a tour that left a lot of Metal heads for want.

iron maiden, iron maiden concert photos
Iron Maiden by Ken Pierce (2008)

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